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Porn Icon Caesar Dominates With His Massive Masculine Appeal

When it comes to inspiring individuals, few compare to the iconic bodybuilder and fitness star Cameron Mitchell. Also known affectionately by his fans as the porn icon Caesar. While not everyone can achieve his level of physique or aesthetic perfection, we can all appreciate the raw masculine appeal that he …

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Brian Cerf photographed by Jim French for COLT
Ace's LatestBig Beef XXXbighotmotherfuckerBrian CerfCOLTDick HugeEd DinakosJake TannerJim FrenchmonstermusclemanMuscle DaddyMuscle Magazinesmuscle pupMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipMuscleService.comPete Kuzak

Exploring the Masculine Artistry of Colt Studio’s Iconic Photographer Jim French

Who Is Jim French and What Makes His Work at Colt Studio Iconic? Jim French (1932-2017) still stands as a legendary photographer who began creating iconic images for Colt Studio in the 1970s. His work is known for its artistry and masculinity, and it has become an inspiration to many …

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muscular masculinity
Ace's LatestArtBeau TuckerBig Beef XXXbighotmotherfuckerBodybuilder SexBodybuildingdaddygymratmonstermusclemanMuscle & InkMuscle DaddyMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipmusclefuckMuscleService.commuscleserviceliveMuscular MasculinityOp-EdRestaurant Weak

Understanding the Need for Massive Muscular Masculinity in Gay Men

…an Ace Bannon opinion piece A certain set of gay men embrace the magnetism of muscular masculinity and the power that it can bring. After all, these men see muscular bodies as beyond attractive and powerful, which is something some others seek to become. But it is important to understand …

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rodney st cloud
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Rodney St Cloud; A True Legend of Massive Muscle

The name Rodney St Cloud is synonymous with living legend [Editor’s Note: The following is an exclusive report from Muscle Service Intern — Orizaba.] Every man who was into the online muscle worship world in the mid 2000s knows his name. I was fortunate enough to discover him during my high school years. …

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tom prince bodybuilder
Ace's LatestBig Beef XXXbighotmotherfuckerBodybuildingCOLTJim FrenchMike JaggersmonstermusclemanMuscle ForumsMuscle Man SoloMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipTom Prince

Colossal Tom Prince Bodybuilder, aka Mike Jaggers Colt Model

Tom Prince was a bodybuilder who was born on February 14th, 1971. He was also known as Mike Jaggers. Here he shows off his incredible body at age 25. He has been featured in numerous magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Men’s Health, and more. His first major competition …

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big beefy men
"Bodyguards"Ace's LatestBeefcakeBig Beef XXXbighotdumbmuscleheadsbighotmotherfuckerBodybuilder SexcockCOLTColtStudioGroup.comCumFernando NielsenGay Muscle SexJulian VincenzomonstermusclemanMuscle DaddyMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipmusclefuckMuscleService.comWin Diesel

Colt Porn Videos of Big Beefy Men: Bodyguards Get Frisky

Around the MuscleService office we love to see it. Colt porn videos of big beefy men having sex. Big Beefy Men in Colt Porn Studio Group’s “Bodyguards” Let’s hear what those amazing guys behind the scenes have to say. You know who I mean. The Press Release Fairies! The story …

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zeb atlas and adam killian
Ace's LatestBannon MenBannon Men: The Photography of Ace BannonBeefcakeBig Beef XXXbighotdumbmuscleheadsbighotmotherfuckerBodybuilder SexBodybuildingBodybuilding EscortbottomdramaKillianMuscle DaddyMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipmusclefuckMuscleService.comZeb Atlas

Best Body Photography of Musclemen (an AI Fable)

Editor’s Note: I used AI to create an article for the keywords best body. With only me editing the title, here’s what it created. (I added the links and photos myself for fun!) Muscleman is a term used for men who have developed large muscles through exercise and dieting. They …

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ace bannon website the muscle service station
Ace BannonAce Bannon PresentsAce's LatestBannon MenBannon Men: The Photography of Ace BannonBeefcakeBig Beef XXXbighotmotherfuckerBigPJBigRogerBigRoger.comBodybuildingCaesarCaesarWorld.comDave SansoneGaugeJim FrenchJoeyMark DaltonMuscleService.comRod RoddickScott Klein

Ace Bannon And The Muscle Service Story: Massive Online Musclemen

All of my early discoveries about my muscle lust led to one place: The Muscle Service Station. And the creation of the Ace Bannon persona. But I’m jumping ahead… “Gay-O-L” In the beginning, there was no Ace Bannon. There was some version of MsclSvc as my AOL username. Hell, it …

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kristen bjorn men
"In The Park"Ace's LatestBig Beef XXXFavio VadorGiuspelKristenBjorn.comMuscle DaddyMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipmusclefuckMuscleService.comXXXXXX Video

Kristen Bjorn Men: IN THE PARK: Giuspel, Favio Vador

For Kristen Bjorn men, being a park sex pig brings a whole range of excitement. Being outdoors, enjoying the fresh air, the smell of nature, the high risk of being seen or caught. And that is just part of the reason Giuspel and Favio Vador are in the park today. …

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dan steele muscle god
Ace's LatestBig Beef XXXbighotmotherfuckerBodybuildingDan SteelemonstermusclemanMuscle DaddyMuscle Man SoloMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipMuscleService.comXXXXXX Video

Dan Steele Muscle God, Massive XXX Video

Posting this photo of Dan Steele muscle god on Twitter started something major. So, of course, I had to add some of the images I had shot of him (the above is not one): All of which led to much discussion: Leading to rediscovering this amazing Dan Steele video: Enjoy… …

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