Just in case we haven't made it crystal clear in the past year, we're big fans of We think they've got a particular, very hot, very classy market all to themselves. We've seen some attempts by others to do what these guys do so damn well, and, well, those others just keep falling short.

Just a few of the things we really love about what does:

AlexMarte_aff07Introducing amazing talent like Alex Marte to a larger audience — the fact that they do this outside of the kinds of settings we might expect to find him in is very sweet icing on this delicious beefcake. Want to see what we mean? Just click on the thumbnail at right to go to our own free gallery featuring Alex. (BTW, each of the thumbnails in this post leads to a gallery. Enjoy the BigBeefXXX!)

l_04Making sure scorching hot older (looking) muscle like uber-Daddy (no matter his age) Christian Alexander still gets seen, serviced, and generally turned inside-out by the younger bucks in the stable — giving something to fans of all kinds of BigBeefXXX. (Remember — click the thumbnail at left to see him in action!)

mechanicProviding great, high-quality production values featuring bighotmotherfuckers like Brocky Brown in fantasy scenarios that suck you right into the action — sometimes literally. I mean, who doesn't want to watch a big ‘roided out inked up musclehead grease monkey take a fine upstanding businessman hostage as his sex toy??

What more could you ask for? Maybe you have another favorite purveyor of your meat-beating material? Be sure to let us know so we don't leave out your favorites!