Massive Muscle: Colt's Rick Wolfmier & Mike Betts

I stumbled across this image on a site devoted to the study and appreciation of classic COLT models. And immediately my breath was taken away–again. It's probably been well over 30 years since I saw this Jim French shot of Rick Wolfmier and Mike Betts the first time. Everything about it and their massive muscles is still damn near perfect. These are real men. This is real masculinity. See more in the clip below.

Let's learn more about these men and the massive muscle action. Here's what the PR Fairies have to say:

These two giants rekindle an old relationship when they meet on a deserted stretch of beach. The film open as MIKE sleeps beneath a beach umbrella with the camera gliding along his sun oiled, hairless, powerfully muscled physique. A Jeep appears on the horizon and it doesn't take RICK long to park, strip down and investigate. Two incredible bodybuilders in the ultimate movie of its kind: filmed entirely in Hawaii.

The massive muscle doesn't stop with just this scene. The entire DVD has plenty of what muscle men do.

Every die hard, true blue fan of COLT Studio must have the “Best of COLT” series in their COLT collection. This fourth installment of the four-part collection contains 10 superbly filmed pre-condom scenes that can only be described as the ultimate celebration of the COLT Man live and in action – full length sex scenes of real men doing each other!