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Gay Bodybuilder Porn: Jake Tanner and Ed Dinakos in Muscle Ranch Scene 2

Nothing better when it comes to gay muscle sex, still after all this time. Jim French captured the very real heat between lovers Jake Tanner and Ed Dinakos. Muscle Ranch cemented forever my image of man-on-man gay muscle sex passion.

Here a small gallery of Jake and Ed:

MUSCLE RANCH – Scene 2 Starring Jake Tanner and Ed Dinakos: The air is charged with anticipation as Jake Tanner arrives at the ranch for his first day. Showing up a little earlier than expected, Jake finds a comfortable spot on nearby bench. He's restless after so much travel, and maybe a little horny and sleepy, so he decides to strip of his shirt and settle back for a bit of shut eye. When Ed finds his new ranch hand sprawled out and bare chested on the bench, he leans in for a closer look – and a lick. Daringly, and completely understandably, Ed gets very personal with this sleeping stud and moves in for an open mouth kiss. Jake rouses and eagerly kisses back as his monster tool bursts from his jeans. Taking Jake out behind the barn, Ed breaks his new ranch hand in with a throat fucking workout. Needless to say, Jake makes a great first impression with the new boss.Colt Studio Group

See even more from this classic starring Jake Tanner and Ed Dinakos at ColtStudioGroup.com.

And it's damn clear who my favorite old school, Jim French era COLT Studio and Colt Studio Group men are — in case you hadn't noticed. But tell me, who are your favorites?? Just leave a message in the comments below — does anybody use the comments section on websites any more? — or let me know at @MuscleService on Twitter.

Gay Bodybuilder Porn: Carlo Masi and Luke Garrett – HAWAI’I SCENE 4

Carlo Masi and Luke Garrett heat up the screen in this (semi) classic Colt Studio Group gay muscle sex scene. With plenty of muscle on display, sucking and fucking — what more could you want?!

Here's what the Press Release Fairies have to say:

COLT Man Emeritus Carlo Masi meets another legendary COLT Man Luke Garrett in Hawai'i. They connect on one of the islands' renowned black sand beaches. The resulting interlude is as hot and powerful as the forces that created the island.

Colt Studio Group


Hawai'i is the largest and most volcanic island in the Hawaiian Island chain. Because of the island's volcanic formation, native life before human activity is said to have arrived by the wind, waves and wings. The isolation of the Hawaiian Islands in the middle of he Pacific Ocean and the wide range of environments to be found on high islands located in and near the tropic have resulted in a vast array of exotic wildlife and terrain.

It is believed by ancient Hawaiians that being on the island brings out a similar “volcanic” reaction in one's body – we here at COLT witnessed it ourselves while shooting in this wonderful location. These four scenes with COLT Men Gage Weston, Adam Champ, Darin Hawk, Eric Valentin, cover man Mitch Branson plus Carlo Masi and Luke Garrett are proof that Hawai'i is in fact the most sexually eruptive locale in the world!

Colt Studio Group

Gay Bodybuilder Porn: Colt Icon – Rick Wolfmier

Here's another of my favorites from the Jim French days of gay bodybuilder porn at COLTRick Wolfmier. He's amazing, and I don't know of anyone like him since. Enjoy our gallery, and see more of him HERE!

Gay Muscle Porn: Get Wet with Chris Wide Colt Minute Man

There's a long tradition on the Colt Studio Group site of muscle and water. And this Chris Wide Colt Minute Man production is no exception. We've had the pleasure of showing Marc Dylan & Casey WilliamsLuke GarrettJake TannerNate Karlton & Shay MichaelsMike Betts & Rick Wolfmier, and Vin Marco, all in or around the wet stuff.

And now here's a clip of Chris Wide showing his goods to the underwater camera. Makes me long for a pool party. And plenty of gay muscle sex!