Blatino Oasis is back! In just 5 short weeks and on the weekend of Cinco de Mayo no less, Palm Springs will soon be overrun with sexy men of color for the annual retreat that takes place in the arousing & sunny desert hideaway for all things gay. Blatino Oasis 2024! 

For our readers that may be unfamiliar with the desert retreat, Blatino Oasis is just what it sounds like. It’s a sexy annual event that takes place in Palm Springs, CA (hence the Oasis part) bringing together Black, Latino and all men of color to celebrate sexual liberation, appreciation for the community and honor some highlights in adult gay porn (hence the Blatino part). While you may want to attend Blatino Oasis 2024 to enjoy the sun, have some drinks by the pool and ultimately FUCK, you can also attend to celebrate what we all love at MuscleService: Gay Porn.

For 17 years, Blatino Oasis has featured the BLATINO EROTICA AWARDS (which we highlighted last year). This year, the event has brought a whole new list of winners. This makes attending Blatino Oasis so much more fun as guests can hope to run elbows and so much more with their favorite stars.

Blatino Oasis states:

“It has been 17 years since we held our very first Blatino Erotica Awards at the Blatino Oasis Retreat to honor men of color in the gay & queer adult film, adult content creation, and erotic dance entertainment industry. Since 2007, Blatino Oasis has presented over 170 awards to some of the world's most iconic adult film stars, content creators, models and erotic dancers.

We are happy to announce our Blatino Erotica Award Winners for 2024.”

As listed in flyer above, the winners are:

1. Best Top –

2.Best Bottom 

3. Best Verse

4. Best New Cummer

5. Best Adult Content Creator 2024- @pleasureustudios

Let us know if you will be attending May 2-5