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Reynel Castro
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Reynel Castro is the Cumshot King on MuscleServiceLive!

“My ass and cock will impress you.” Reynel Castro is definitely on the naughty list this Christmas. He’s all set to perform in multiple party shows this December on Fans can join together to watch this hunk get naked and play with his gorgeous dick. Here’s the description for …

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Asslak Woztniak Gives Sexy Striptease in First Show on MuscleServiceLive

“We will sweat while I penetrate you.” Asslak Woztniak has been one of the top models on for two years now. He’s got plenty of videos available in his profile, including his very first one! He starts off in a fancy outfit. This guy is classy as fuck and loves being sensual …

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Ace's LatestAnal PlayAnerosBig Beef XXXCumMasturbateMulti CumMuscle Man Solomuscle pupMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipMuscleService.comSex ToySolo SexSpecial Edition Maximus Syn TridentToy

New ANEROS Special Edition Products Now Available

Introducing the New Special Edition Maximus Syn Trident and Special Edition Prelude Enema Bulb For Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. We gave you a peek last month, but the popular sexual health and wellness innovator, Aneros, has officially launched the Prostate Health and Awareness Special Edition Blue Maximus Syn Trident and …

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Richie Grey
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Richie Grey is Giving Multiple Cum Shows at MuscleServiceLive!

“Taste and fuck like the Nordic gods until rivers of CUM flow away your human worries…” That’s the description for Richie Grey’s upcoming party shows on (MSL). Fans can join in together to watch this muscle stud get naked and show off that thick cock of his. All summer …

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Elliot Garcia
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Watch Model Elliot Garcia Jerk Off & Cum on His Abs

Have you met Elliot Garcia on This guy has been on gay cams for more than a year now. He’s one of the top models with his delicious cumshots. He’s also got hard abs, a cute face, and a tight ass. The best part about Elliot Garcia is that …

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Cum Fly the Massive Skies with Muscle Service Airlines!

Have you ever cum while fantasizing about how it would feel to join the mile-high club? Fuck a hot pilot or a flight attendant you eye fuck on the plane? Well, I have fantasized about how hot it would be to jump aboard an all-male flight. One hosted by bodybuilders, …

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big beefy men
"Bodyguards"Ace's LatestBeefcakeBig Beef XXXbighotdumbmuscleheadsbighotmotherfuckerBodybuilder SexcockCOLTColtStudioGroup.comCumFernando NielsenGay Muscle SexJulian VincenzomonstermusclemanMuscle DaddyMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipmusclefuckMuscleService.comWin Diesel

Colt Porn Videos of Big Beefy Men: Bodyguards Get Frisky

Around the MuscleService office we love to see it. Colt porn videos of big beefy men having sex. Big Beefy Men in Colt Porn Studio Group’s “Bodyguards” Let’s hear what those amazing guys behind the scenes have to say. You know who I mean. The Press Release Fairies! The story …

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muscle worship
'RoidsAce's LatestAlpha MuscleBeefcakeBig Beef XXXbighotdumbmuscleheadsbighotmotherfuckerBodybuilder SexBodybuildingCharlie MuscleflexcockCumGay Muscle SexHOMO-GYMJackoffmonstermusclemanMulti CumMuscle DaddyMuscle EroticaMuscle Man Solomuscle pupMuscle Service Lifestylemuscle worshipmusclefuckMuscleService.comOrgyPecsPenispowerfuckSolo JackoffSolo SexSteroidsXXX

Mr. Muscleflex: How I Became a Gigantic Muscle Worship Fanatic

What makes a bodybuilder a muscle worship lover? My name is Rock Massmuscle. or as I am called, Mr. Muscleflex. I love muscles. Young muscle, older muscle, FUCK, I love all muscle.  TOON ORIGINS For me, it started as a kid who watched cartoons. yeah, that’s right, cartoons! Well, first …

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fucking machine
"Chocolate & Cream & the Fucking Machine"Ace's LatestBig Beef XXXCumDildoFucking MachineHot Desert KnightsIntergenerationalInterracialMuscle Service LifestyleMuscleService.comOrgySex DungeonXXX

#FlashbackFriday Featuring A Fantastic Fucking Machine

Admittedly I had writers block. Best way to fix that: watch porn and jerk off to be inspired. Going through my collection of porn I almost immediately came across Hot Desert Knights’ “Chocolate & Cream & the Fucking Machine” and knew I just wanted to talk about it. Call it …

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Happy HoliGays 2021: The Gifts That Keep On Cumming

Already halfway through the holiday month, I have noticed one thing across various social media channels: the popularity of Advent calendars. This year, I feel like every company has released their own version of the Advent calendar giving them a 2021 comeback! While I grew up with Advent calendars, I …

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