The Christmas season is in full effect. If you are already over the season's repetitive annual festivities (Mariah Carey, Hallmark Movies), you're not alone. So join me and let good old-fashioned man-on-man action bring you into the Holiday spirit.

Over the next few weeks, I will be bringing to you much to be grateful for his holiday season! From bodybuilders getting ready to head back to Vegas for Mr. Olympia 2024 to Skye Woods returning to porn. Plus more erotic art, more porn exclusives, and the announcement of an exciting new venture here at Muscle Service. We're celebrating all things masculine and hope to end 2023 with a bang (pun intended).

For now, I’m happy to highlight some Christmas-themed porn from our longtime friends at Falcon Studios. You can just ignore the Hallmark Channel and watch what Falcon has to offer. I know you aren’t watching for the acting but it’s for sure better and more entertaining than what Hallmark has to offer. 

Cum All Ye Faithful

*Cum All Ye Faithful is this year's Christmas release with 5 different chapters being released from today to December 22nd, 2023.

Starring: Dylan Hayes, Dean Young, Beau Butler, Reign, Trevor Brooks, Drake Von, Damian Night, Presley Scott and Bailey Zane

‘Cum All Ye Faithful' to the movie event of the season! For years, friends from around the world have traveled to famous drag queen Sherry Vine's rustic home on California's Pacific Crest Trail for Christmas. But, when legislation against live drag performances threatens Sherry's livelihood, she'll need all the help she can get to fight the conservative lawmakers and save her lodge-style holiday house. Good pal Damian Night rallies the chosen family to produce a photo op fundraiser that will hopefully stop greedy land developer Reign from buying Sherry's place right out from under her, and, at the same time, save drag as an art form. Old and new flames ignite among the hunks as they race against the clock to give Sherry financial security while also delivering the very best kind of hard candy Christmas.

Falcon Studios

Cumming Home For Christmas

Starring: Cade Maddox, Dakota Payne, Taylor Reign, Dan Saxon, Cole Connor, Trevor Brooks, Isaiah Taye and DeAngelo Jackson

Directed by the acclaimed Steve Cruz and Ben Rush, this heartwarming feature follows these determined holiday hunks as they set out to save the venerable family business — even if it means landing on top — and bottom — of Santa's naughty list. To take his boyfriend's mind off the possible closure of their beloved cake shop, Dakota Payne pulls down Trevor Brooks' briefs and eats out his hole like it's his own personal Christmas feast. Later, Dan Saxon is out on a jog around his hometown when he runs into his old high school boyfriend DeAngelo Jackson. Instead of dealing with his hidden feelings for his former love, the visiting attorney runs away to distract himself by hooking up with neighborhood stud Cole Connor. Bakery employee Taylor Reign is willing to do whatever it takes to help save the family business, even if that means letting Cade Maddox, the twisted owner of a confectionery conglomerate that's attempting to acquire the cake shop, slide an oversized candy cane in his hole. On his own mission to save the bakery, Dakota Payne sets his sights on restauranter Isaiah Taye in hopes that he'll taste his cakes and place a sizable order by Christmas Eve. Back at the family home, Dan Saxon and DeAngelo Jackson are officially reuniting for the first time in years as the New York lawyer gets filled with the bareback spirit of Christmas across his brother's kitchen countertop.

So, cum, all ye faithful, for a hometown yuletide yank where the cakes are moist, the cookies are frosted and everyone you know is ‘Cumming Home For Christmas'!

Falcon Studios