[accordion title='Will my Muscle Forums login work with the rest of the site?' open='true']The Muscle Forums are on the Yuku platform, so your username and password for the Muscle Forums is actually part of Yuku, and not a MuscleService.com account. The main login for Muscle Service (not the Forums) requires a new registration. If no one has claimed your Muscle Forums user name, you can use that when you create your MuscleService.com account.

You can get your free account here:[/accordion] [accordion title='If I join for free, what do I get?' open='false']The Free Membership gets you access to downloadable photos by Ace Bannon.[/accordion] [accordion title='And the pay part, what is in there?' open='false']Paid Webcam Members get to participate in, view, and chat with the Muscle Webcam Crew during public member’s only shows. Webcam Members also get access to the Crew to set up Private Shows.[/accordion] [accordion title='You mean I have to have a membership to chat with the models? Why is that not free like on other webcam sites?' open='false']We're not big fans of kinds of crowds who show up at big clearance sales, and we don't think the crowd mindset is good for you or for our models. We have set a very low price of admission to be able to participate in group chat because we think it's more respectful to our models and more respectful to you. After all, you don't want to have to elbow your way to the front of the crowd to get the model's attention, do you? Our small fee allows for a higher-quality experience for you.[/accordion] [accordion title='How do private shows work?' open='false']First of all, you should know that we're not like the other guys when it comes to private shows: there's no running meter that charges you for every minute you're online with the model. We think you deserve better, so all of our private shows are for a set price and a set amount of time. You know what you're getting before you spend your money on it, because you get to chat with your muscle guy up front, during his public show. Just let him know in chat that you want to go private and he'll open a private chat window with you to work out all the details.[/accordion] [accordion title='What does the site contain?' open='false']

The Muscle Service Station offers a lot of different kinds of muscle to help satisfy your needs — some of it is free to access, some requires a free membership, and some is paid content. Here's a rundown of how it all works:

The Muscle Service Station offers a lot of different kinds of muscle to help satisfy your needs — some of it is free to access, some requires a free membership, and some is paid content. Here's a rundown of how it all works:

Free Stuff:

BigBeefXXX is where we collect the best muscle porn from other sites for you to enjoy. It's completely free to access, and requires no membership. Full disclosure: if you like what you see on BigBeefXXX and click on one of the studios' links, then buy something, The Muscle Service Station gets an affiliate payment from the studio and that helps keep us running this site. So thanks for the support!

Bannon Men is our in-house collection of some of the photography of Ace Bannon. It's free, but we think it's really worth logging in to view–especially since from time to time we will be adding photos from his latest shoots with new models. And all we ask in return is for you to register for a free Muscle Service Station Membership!

Muscle Forums is where all the Muscle Service regulars gather to exchange views, photos, links, and information about everything from the hottest bodybuilders (and whether or not they're available for one-on-one encounters) to the latest movies. Over the past 15 years, this group of close to 20,000 members has seen it all, and talked about it in the Muscle Forums! The Muscle Forums are hosted on the Yuku platform, and because they contain adult material you have to have a free Yuku account and then be approved to access the boards.

Muscle Webcams

Our Muscle Webcams bring the hottest bodybuilders and muscle guys to your computer, live and in real time! Access to members-only group shows is available with a Muscle Webcams membership–starting at only $2.95 a week! That's about how much you pay for a Latte, right? So what are you waiting for? Join Now!

[/accordion] [accordion title='What will it say on my credit card statement?' open='false']Paid memberships, webcam shows, and other paid items on the site paid through CCBill — our billing partner — will show up on your credit card statement as: CCBill.com *Smith and Ba[/accordion] [accordion title='Why does the CCBill payment form list a number of days when I give a cash tribute or buy something like workout gear from my favorite model?' open='false']Because that's how CCBill's system is set up. It has to assign a number of days to everything we process through it but when you're buying an item from a model or giving a cash tribute to a model, those days don't mean anything.[/accordion] [accordion title='I canceled my subscription at CCBill and now I cannot access the Muscle Webcams; what is going on?' open='false']When you cancel your CCBill subscription, your Muscle Webcams membership is automatically canceled as well. Please don't cancel with CCBill until you know you no longer want access to the Muscle Webcams.[/accordion] [accordion title='WTF? I do not get anything when I click on Muscle Forums.' open='false']Sometimes the Yuku platform that we use for the Muscle Forums goes down. When that happens, the Muscle Forums are temporarily unavailable. Just wait a while and try again.[/accordion] [accordion title='I forgot my password. Help!' open='false']The system will reset your password and email it to you. Use the “Forgot Password?” link.[/accordion] [accordion title='The system reset my password and the new one sucks. Help!' open='false']Relax, you can change your password. Once you're logged in, just go back to the Member Log-in page and click the “Edit Profile” link.[/accordion] [accordion title='How can I contact someone right now with my question?' open='false']You can text Ryan Smith at 843-319-3372.

Or you can contact Ryan via email at ryansmithhulk@gmail.com or contact Ace at acemuscle@gmail.com.[/accordion]