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Super Mario!  Who wants to play with his Donkey Kong? If you can’t stand the heat – stay out of the Penthouse! There is nothing like a natural, and baby he was born this way! Mario is our J.O pro.  Watch him caress every inch of himself on his way to an exquisite orgasm. Mario prefers a well-groomed woman (you can tell everything by the teeth, he explains). Girl, you need to open wide! This man is the cream of the cock – but he can’t stand it when asked: “Are you on the Jersey Shore?” No, his hot stuff is strutting the boardwalks of Paragon Men! Mario's biggest fantasy is to have sex with a blind person.  They'd be much more sensuous without being visually distracted.  He loves touch. And when you play Braille on his body, do not forget to tweak the nipple ring – it drives him wild!

Um… okay.