Mateo Muscle

A recent article by Muscle Service’s CEO stated, there is a “desired need for massive muscular masculinity in gay men.” We see this in our day-to-day searches of porn, studios, websites, and new on-camera talent that turn us on. Most of us at Muscle Service admit we always go back to our favorite pornstar for a private jerk session. Whether Gauge, Tom Katt, Zeb Atlas, Mark Dalton, or Muscle Services' golden boy Caesar, there is always an iconic bodybuilder that makes their mark as an icon in gay porn.

However, as time goes on, there comes a new bodybuilder to sit on the throne of gay muscle worship porn. In 2023, in the era of Only Fans porn, there are still a few bodybuilders that come out on top. I am excited to welcome a new bodybuilder into the Muscle Service family. He is set to be an iconic creator of bodybuilder, Muscle Worship porn. Introducing, or if you are familiar with him, reintroducing Mateo Muscle.

Mateo Muscle

Mateo Muscle is as iconic as they come. Behind his site (which I will get into) and his stage name, Mateo is a true bodybuilder. Not only comfortable in his own skin, but someone who knows how to be a bodybuilder for gay porn. One who knows the ins and outs of muscle worship. Flexing, pec bouncing, using his own biceps to make men cum and so much more. I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Mateo Muscle on the cusp of his newly launched site. And I know he will make a name for himself in the world of gay muscle porn.

Bodybuilders in Hollywood

Like many of us who once hid our fantasies of bodybuilders as erotic icons, Mateo Muscle once did the same. Before he became the mass of muscle that is “Mateo Muscle”, he once honored men like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger in their iconic Hollywood movie series like Rombo and the Terminator. Many of us remember seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger for the first time in the “nude” as the terminator. And wanting to see his robotic cock in action. Similarly, a young Mateo once viewed Arnold and knew he had to be just like him. Muscular, built, handsome and sexual. At the time, ESPN broadcasted bodybuilding competitions. Mateo would use pop culture, sports, and bodybuilding to shape his interests in health, fitness, and sexual exploration. 

Getting Big

This would later lead a young “Mateo” begin to train to be a bodybuilder. He eventually participated in his first pro show while living in Utah. Mateo instantly loved the sport of bodybuilding. He loved the growth in building muscle and simply loved getting bigger. And once you put on muscle, it becomes an addiction. Men like Mateo just want to keep improving, getting bigger and better. Naturally, all this muscle mass will bring some wanted attention. That attention came in the form of Skype sessions and frankly, some extra cash in hand. Online friends, voyeurism, and an online fan base were quick admirers of Mateo’s muscles, pecs, and availability to show off his hard-earned body. 

Online Exposure History of Mateo Muscle

As a self-proclaimed exhibitionist, Mateo greatly appreciated what this led to. A time in his life when he would earn some side money while making custom videos that would ease the sexual tension of his fanbase. Speaking with Mateo, he shared how in his early adult age, he learned how flexing his hot body would bring a few bucks that would make bodybuilding both the lucrative and sexy career many envies to have. Mateo shared with me he had active profiles with sites like Flirt 4 Free and The Best Flex. From personal research, I came to find his profile on The Best Flex and discovered he once performed under his former stage name “Rafa”. Now under his current name Mateo Muscle, his “about” section states: 

Mateo Muscle

“American Bodybuilder (yes, English is my native language). I am best known for my chest with its breathtaking shape and size as well as my massive muscle ass. It will leave any muscle worshipper in awe. Come worship these massive muscles! Message me on Skype or OnlyFans to arrange cam shows or in-person meet-ups.”

With a fanbase in control, it was only a matter of time before Mateo or the artist formerly known as Rafa built a muscle empire on his own

The Mateo Muscle Empire

While he never optioned for producing content with a mainstream porn studio, the site he would consider is Falcon Studios. Falcon Studios, after all, produced many of his pornographic favorites. In our conversation, Mateo went on to mention Matthew Rush and Zeb Atlas as legendary muscle guys in porn. 

Cut to 2019, where a small site like OnlyFans would make an impact in pop culture even Beyonce couldn't see coming. Once OnlyFans broke out, it wasn't hard for Mateo to make a mark as a leading bodybuilder in gay muscle porn. He had the following, his Skype roster of paying fans and a breakthrough in pop culture that became sex-positive seemingly overnight. A perfect combination for Mateo to embrace being the content creator he was destined to be. He states that building his OnlyFans and creating content was “…the only type of work that I’ve stuck with and just enjoy doing consistently” 

Pup Badge with Mateo

But what makes Mateo stand out more than any other bodybuilder in porn? I’d say it is his own personal fascination with muscles that makes him specialize in giving us, the viewer and typically “worshippee” the type of content we want. He knows we are fascinated by his pecs, his biceps, and his mass and knows how to use it because he loves those same muscles on another man. “I enjoy other people getting enjoyment from muscle worship and I just enjoy everything about muscle. I’m a fan of muscle as much as I enjoy being a performer for my fans.”

Mateo Muscle on being worshiped:

“Specifically honestly just the touch or the idea of someone getting so aroused by touching my chest or feeling my biceps. I don't know what it is. It makes me feel aroused as well. Just that touch and someone being so mesmerized by my muscles because I am the same when I am on the receiving end if that makes sense. I am worshiping another bodybuilder. I'd be like OMG this is the hottest thing ever….

I like a lot of pec bouncing. I feel like that turns me on the most. When I bounce my pecs and people feel it, rub their face in it. That's a really big turn-on for me specifically. So having my chest worshiped as well. Jacking someone else with my biceps that’s a big turn-on. Having them cum on my biceps, that's a very detailed [part] of being muscle worshiped but overall just being admired and making someone get turned on by me that turns me on as well”.

It is clear that Mateo knows what he is talking about in terms of bodybuilding, muscle worship, and gay muscle porn. With an entrepreneurial spirit in mind, Mateo’s journey brings us to 2023, where I am eager to share new porn news with you all. A New Site

Excitingly, I am happy to share that we may be the first to hold an exclusive on Mateo Muscle’s recently launched project: Just launched on Jan 31st, Mateo launched his own website and has plans to build it into a bodybuilding-centric site that will rival the days of, Jimmy Z, and much more. Having created much content with Skype and OnlyFans, it was only a matter of time before he took that content and hosted a site of his own. Currently, the site contains 25 different scenes that can either be purchased individually or accessed with a monthly membership that can be as low as 55¢ per day. 

To date, Mateo’s entrepreneurial website includes other men like Scott Holliday, Oscar Bear, Monstah Mike, Derek Kage, Mr. Muscle Bear, Dean Michaelz, Porfi Maximus, Masyn Thorne, friend to the site Pup Badge and romantic partner Serg Shepard.

Mateo Muscle hopes to one day include other men like Airon Muscle, SteelMuscle God and get back to the pro bodybuilding stage where I am sure he will be met with eyes from new fans around the world.