Happy Fucktastic Friday everyone! With Pride events happening all over the world, I am excited to present deals by our favorite corporations: porn companies. Sure, every company out there is changing their logos to reflect the rainbow flag — aka rainbow washing — this month. But these companies are always there for you providing endless hours of classic gay fun! If you’re going to support a corporation this month, why not give back to these porn companies with their limited sales happening for Pride! 

If there are any out there you'd like to share, let us know!

Enjoy & Happy Pride!

MEN.COM – 40%

Men.com is currently offering a 40% Pride sale with a lifetime discount option. The site has always been great at offering deals throughout the year, but they stepped it up this year by featuring a whole scene surrounding the theme of Pride & Pride month. Featuring Trent King & Felix Fox, Men.com debuted “Bursting with Pride”. Check it out! No rainbow washing!

SEAN CODY 40% & 20%

Sean Cody has not one deal but TWO! Similarly to Men.com, they are offering a 40% discount to their video content, but they are giving a 20% off code for their clothing site. Hey, you know the best way to expose guys on the street is to wear a Sean Cody shirt and wait for those shocked glances.


If I find myself with a few extra pennies this month, I may just take up CockyBoys on their Pride sale. $89 for a whole year of content! Usually $199.95, this sale comes at a 55% off discount. With Austin Wolf in the ad, this makes me want to join and see more of him.

BELAMI – 33%

Classic BelAmi has always shown support this month and is offering their 33% discount. We appreciate our international friend with pretty boys joining in the world celebrating Pride!


OnlyFans' famous content creator is offering a 33% discount as a 1-Month “Platinum PromoSAVE Access” to his Platinum Movies. I haven't been a subscriber, so not sure what his Platinum movies offer vs the rest of his site but if you know, let us know!


Finishing up our list for today, TopFanVids is offering a 1-Month Special where you can save 60% FOR LIFE. I haven't subscribed, but I am assuming this means you can keep that 60% off as long as you keep renewing your membership for $9.99 a month. The site has grown since we've first started covering it, with models including Lawson James, Liam Knox, Colby Melvin, Trenton Ducati, Max Connor, and Markus Kage. This may be a time to join!