To continue this series, I am happy to revisit Black Balled: the All Worlds Video series directed by legendary directors including Chi Chi LaRue, Doug Jeffries, and Thor Stephens. Not only did the series combine the gangbang fantasy, but added to the interracial category that is reminiscent of and similar sites. 

The series introduced and featured legendary actors including Cutler X , Kamrun, Dean Monroe, Rob Romani, Aaron Ridge, Ace Rockwood, Race Cooper, J.C. Carter and Dylan Saunders (known as Davis at Sean Cody) among many others. 

Winner and nominee of many awards including the GAYVN Award for Best Interracial Video of the Year and and GAVYN Award for Best Group Sex Scene the whole series came packaged in a box set at one point. Check out the list below and let us know which one were your favorites. 

Black Balled 1

Theme: Garage / Mechanics

Featured Bottom: Sean Diamond

Performers:  Ray-Gee, Rick Cruz, Kevin St. James, Paco, Paul Hanson, Gene Lamar, Antonio, Randy Cochran, T-Spoon and Bam

“Take ten huge, hung and horny black men, add one blond twinky willing to please and the results are explosive. Surferdude Sean Diamond takes on the biggest cocks in the business, including the incredible 13-inch Bam. An interracial fuckfest to be remembered and replayed again and again!!”

Black Balled 2

Theme: Alley / Broken Down Car

Featured Bottom: Luke Savage

Performers:  Eric Butler, Drakkar, K.J. Rogers, Mitchell Stack, Zaire Masters, Choice Thomas, JC Carter, Austin Black, Winston Love and Jack Simmons

“All Worlds Video and director Chi Chi LaRue do everything they can to give you the hottest in all-male erotica. In BLACK BALLED 2, Luke Savage + Ten hot black studs = the ingredients for FIRE! Picking up from the classic gang-bang video BLACK BALLED. Luke Savage is the lucky stud whose limousine breaks down and gets the whole 9-yards front and back.”

Black Balled 3

Theme: Public Restroom

Featured Bottom: Kenny Gamble

Performers: Kent Michaels, Derrick Jackson, Darryl Harris, Shahan, Kamrun, Bo Long, Flex Gamble, Ty Lattimore, Zaire Masters, Dennis Lincoln and Unique Lee

“We all know what happens in public restrooms, but when he goes into the park's bathroom, unassuming Kenny encounters a big ol' black orgy! Can he avoid sexual temptation or does he give in to the chocolate offering? Is it possible that his white ass can take all that black dick? Temptation proves too strong – especially with all that hot, hard black cock in his face! Kenny truly is the little hole that could! Will you make it to the bathroom in time? All this suckin' and fuckin' is guaranteed to make you cum in your pants!”

Black Balled 4

Theme: Poker House

Featured Bottom: Rob Romoni 

Performers: Trey Kane, Markus Ram, Solomon, Brock Webster, Kamrun, Charles Rod, Cutler X and Jason Tiya

“Beefy stud Rob Romoni pulls the train better than any steam locomotive ever could here. When these guys get together to play black jack with a crooked dealer he ends up with more cock than he can handle. Come witness the anal destruction of Rob Romoni… and there's a full house! And the house always wins…doesn't it?”

Black Balled 5 – Star Fucker

Theme: Curious Straight Actor / TV Set

Featured Bottom: Dean Monroe

Performers: Marc Williams, Nick Da'Kannon, Eddie Diaz, Malik, Kamrun, Aron Ridge and Jack Simmons

“When the cameras stop rolling on the soap opera set, he stars in, the real action heats up. His bodyguard and security guard and the rest of the crew make his wildest dreams come true. Dean is compelled fed cock after massive cock. His ass gets a good tonguing and thorough rimming from all 8 of the tops to prepare him for the gang-bang he's about to endure. One by one each of the black studs takes their turn pounding Dean's hot bubble butt; culminating in a double fuck from Aaron Ridge and Eddie Diaz stretching his ass to new limits. In the end, Dean's dripping with cum from all 8 guys, and finally adds his own load.”

Black Balled 6 – Under the Hood

Theme: Auto Repair Shop

Featured Bottom: Dylan Saunders

Performers: Aarin Driver, Ian Rock, Derek Reynolds, Eddie Diaz, Markus Ram, Christopher Ashley, Aron Ridge and Scott Alexander

“Dylan Saunders wanders into Eddie Diaz's auto repair shop looking for some service but he gets much more than he bargained for when all the workers decide to give his ass a major overhaul, with their giant black and beautiful cocks! Directed by Chi Chi LaRue. An All Worlds DVD. GAYVN AWARD WINNER. BEST INTERRACIAL VIDEO OF THE YEAR!”

Black Balled 7 – Jail Slammed

Theme: Prison

Featured Bottom: Cameron Adams

Performers: Ace Rockwood, Osian, Damien Holt, Race Cooper, Nubius, Eddie Diaz, Aron Ridge, Scott Alexander, Element, Santino Vega, Osian and Nubius

2010 GAVYN Award Nominee for Best Group Sex Scene. 

“Cameron Adams is made prisoner of a gangbang that sees him sucking and fucking every giant black cock in the cast! What begins with Cameron plowing one of his fellow cell mates gets extreme when the tables are turned and he's made to take each guy on the block while eating their asses and watching them get it on with each other! Just when you think his poor pink hole could take no more, he gets double penetrated and receives a load on his face from each of them! By far, Black Balled 7 is the most intense installment in the series to date!” 

It's difficult to say whether Cameron Adams lets his mouth overload his ass or the other way around; Adams finds himself the object of every other inmate's desire and ultimately becomes the focus of a 10-man interracial gangbang.”

Black Balled 8 – Behind the Eight Ball

Theme: Dive Bar / Pool Game

Featured Bottom: Dylan Hauser

Performers: Johnny Robbins, Lawson Kane, Sean Xavier, Trey Turner, Johnny Rock, Hot Rod, Tokyo, Robert Anthony, Aron Ridge, Scott Alexander and Angyl Valentino

“Chi Chi Larue presents yet another epic all male gang-bang in “Blackballed 8”. Dylan Hauser has found himself in a low lit bar filled with ten of the hottest black studs around. Sure, he came in for a drink but before he knows it the guys have stripped him down to his jock, ass up and bent over the pool table. Dylan offers up his tight corner pocket for more than a few rounds of dirty pool. Each and every horse hung hunk gets his chance to shoot his eight ball in this horny bottom's hole and in this game. Everyone cums out a winner!”