Rodrigo Landaveri erotic art

As a hump day treat, I am happy to feature Rodrigo Landaveri. Rodrigo is a Chinese Peruvian Fashion Designer by day, Erotic Artist by night! He was very nice and a pleasure to speak with. I am grateful to Rodrigo for being so open on his designs, love of art with muscle men, and professional career in fashion. He genuinely piqued my interest by creating colorful homoerotic artistic scenarios that weren’t entirely x-rated. An emerging avant-garde fashion designer, Rodrigo spoke with Muscle Service on where he started, who inspires him, and what he plans to do in the future with fashion. I don't know about you, but I would love to wear a denim jacket covered with homoerotic art. 

Eddie V: Tell us how you came to practice your craft? When did you first start? Was the goal to always create sexy art or something else? Where did the interest start to want to start creating homoerotic art? 

Rodrigo Landaveri: I studied fashion design and fine arts at the age of 20. My favorite subjects were drawing, history, design and color theory. Studying the human figure, both male and female, is the basis for every designer and artist. It was there that I loved studying male muscles, features and forms. It was fun to take a spin and experiment with sexy and homoerotic art. Spending time researching and looking for images of Greek canons, the evolution of the male body through time, and playing with the concept of eroticism was one of my favorite hobbies in college.

Rodrigo Landaveri erotic art

Eddie V: A lot of your original pieces are more modest than some of the hardcore content we’ve come to love from other artists. Any plans to release more hardcore pics? Is there a secret stash of hardcore erotic art somewhere? 

Rodrigo Landaveri: Of course, I have many hardcore ideas in mind; I like to play with morbidity and sensuality at the same time with a sweet touch. The plan is to continue to draw inspiration from seeing images of naked men, sometimes in sexual acts. I have a couple of accounts on pages related to the gay world where I upload my material and some sensual photos that I have as a model.

Rodrigo Landaveri erotic art

Eddie V: Most of your art are cartoon characters we all know and love redefined as hyper-masculine, muscular versions. Who have been some of your favorite’s characters to draw?

Rodrigo Landaveri: I love cartoons; I was always a fan of many popular children's channels and cartoon series. The idea is to take certain characters as an inspiration to my style and sexualize them a lot. Sometimes people write to me and tell me that they like that theme. Others feel a bit damaged when they see their favorite characters in an erotic position or in muscular versions hehehe. My favorite characters have been Shoma Sawamura, Shiro Voltron, Johnny Bravo and Jorgen Von Strangle, looooove them.

Artist Depiction of Jorgen Von Strangle (L) and Johnny Bravo (R)

Eddie V: Who are some of your favorite bodybuilders, athletes, and/ or pornstars? Have any inspired any characters in your designs?

Rodrigo Landaveri: I have many fitness role models who are a great inspiration for drawing. They are Dimitry Averyanov, Tyson Dayley, Dane De Bruin and Renzfit. When I think of more erotic guys it's Dani Robles, Jake Bass, Alejo Ospina, and Daniel Montoya. Of course, many of his features and muscular proportions have inspired me a lot at the moment of drawing. I am building a representative male canon in my work.

Artist Depiction of Alejo Ospina (in blue) and Daniel Montoya (in red)

Eddie V: What is your favorite fantasy that you have drawn to date? Favorite pic? 

Rodrigo Landaveri: You know, that is a great question. I think that my fantasies play a very important role for creating my pieces of art. One of my fantasies is a threesome with a blond, a Latino, and as a dominant male a very gifted dark-skinned man. I love the idea of a scene between a young man licking the nipples of a mature man with big muscles. Another fantasy is seeing my favorite characters like Brian Battler or Shoma Sawamura playing with a dildo and being penetrated.

Artist Depiction Brian Battler being Penetrated

Eddie V: When did you start finding out you had fans following your artwork? Any messages from fans that have stood out to you?

Rodrigo Landaveri: I think that the interaction with an audience interested in homoerotic art is fundamental. You can discover their interests, likes, models or actors that they really admire. They have even suggested to me drawing their favorite anime characters with my own style. Their messages range from the support that they give me every day to curious messages such as requesting me to fulfill their fantasies between soccer players, cartoon characters and horny ideas.

Eddie V: We are all about supporting each other here in similar interests. Any other artists you love to follow?

Rodrigo Landaveri: I started to follow many artists of Bara and homoerotic art when my passion for drawing started. I admire Silverjow, AbsolutBleu, Jo Ji, Dizdoodz, AliFranco, Tom Of Finland, and DaydreamerJim. Last but not least my boyfriend who is at the same time my teacher, the talented Eduardo Fossa. His contributions in anatomy, perspective and volume made me to improve day by day. I love to see their works because they are really thrilling and inspiring; my biggest dream is to become a great reference of homoerotic art in the world and in my country as well, where erotic culture continues to be a taboo.

Eddie V: How often do you produce new content?

Rodrigo Landaveri: Nowadays with the issue of the pandemic, I spend more time at home and I always like to have a pencil and a paper at hand. Inspiration can come at any time, from watching a movie to an anime. I like to make at least a daily sketch. It can be in pencil or linear, then I scan it onto my computer in order to paint it. Finally it is time to post it and see how people react. Sometimes there are moments when my mind is blank and I decide to rest; keeping in mind there is material to be done the next day. I’m a very busy guy.

Eddie V: Is there a project you’ve been working on you cannot wait to complete? What is new for 2021?

Rodrigo Landaveri: I was working on a comic inspired by the tribes of Lady Gaga's album, ‘’ Chromatica’’. It is a shame to say that I could not continue doing it. For many factors such as the times we are going through, my project was stopped. However, for this 2021 I plan to launch new and original super sexy characters and I'm sure everyone will love. One goal is to collaborate with a great homo artist and make more friends who make this kind of art. I have many surprises in mind for all my followers, they are the reason why I keep creating without stopping. I really appreciate them.

Eddie V: I also know you are a fashion designer? How would you describe your aesthetic and look? 

Rodrigo Landaveri: Fashion is one of the greatest things for me. As I said before, as well as art, clothing is a mechanism to communicate an idea or a mood. My aesthetic is avant-garde. I like everything related to being one-step ahead, experimenting with materials, volumes and a lot of color. I try to use very energetic colors in my style; I am a boy with great optimism for life and for the visual. The line that I work is menswear. You need to know a lot about anatomy as a designer, because you work for a body and it’s highly important to understand every part of this beautiful creation. I can also say that oriental aesthetic attracts to me, anime, eccentricities, stickers and many but many ornamentation.

Eddie V: I would love to one day see a jacket full of your homoerotic art haha. Are you concerned fans of your fashion designs to know of your artwork?

Rodrigo Landaveri: Hahaha, I'll make a jacket with my designs and incorporate it into a future collection. I'll let you know when it's ready and maybe you can purchase one. I do not feel concerned what people think. On the contrary, I wish that my public interested in fashion could understand the issue of homoerotic art as a branch of the visual arts. I know that several fashion designers work and have sex as their main inspiration so I do not feel fear of letting my audience to know that I am also a very versatile artist.

Eddie V: Where can people follow and reach you? Do you commission artwork and how much would that be?

Rodrigo Landaveri: Anyone interested in my art can follow me on Instagram as @itsrodartist28; [on] Twitter as @RodrigoLandave8 and also you can support me on Patreon. The commissions I make have super accessible prices, with promotions and some discounts depending on the season. For more information, you can send me a DM that I will gladly answer, despite my busy schedule. Just want to give my deepest thanks to everyone who sends your support and love. See you soon!