Happy Fucking Friday everyone! With the weekend comes much rest and relaxation. And if you have some time for some self care and growth, make sure to check out Muscle Life Coach. Friend of the site, Luke Benoit aka Muscle Life Coach is here to help us empower our lives for the better. He will help you create the vision of the body and the life you want! As with many self-help programs, advice comes in the form of easy-to-remember lists. Muscle Life Coach (MLC) shares with us 4 important “C’s”: Control, Commitment, Challenge, and Confidence. 

muscle life coach

Well, as a fun sexy twist on those 4 “C’s” I have a list of what that looks like for me and hope you can add those 4 C’s in your life. 

Control: Edging 

Muscle Life Coach speaks of “control” as the extent to which you feel you are in control of your life, including your emotions and sense of life purpose. I immediately think of edging. 

Kinda basic, but when talking about gay culture, porn and sex, the word “control” leads me to think of a few things. A dominant muscle daddy, some BDSM action and edging. While I can go on for hours on the first two, I have to appreciate the art of edging. Hell, sometimes I feel like when I am enthusiastically researching topics in writing my articles for you all, I end up edging for hours only to reach that sweet release when I finish. You try rewatching Blue Blake movies, scene after scene, creating a top 10 list without cumming a few times lol. 

Commitment: Gym Workouts

Commitment “This is the extent of your personal focus and reliability.”

Muscle Life Coach and I are probably on the same page with this one. A healthy mind needs a healthy body. While porn can give us the release to relieve some mental stress in our lives, visits to the gyms help us release the physical stress we add to our bodies. Also, it's easy to see why I appreciate the male form in all its muscular perfection. Both sexually and platonically, I can appreciate a man who has put in time and effort into his physique. With the everyday changes in our 9-5 jobs, responsibilities with friends and family, love life, etc., I can barely find time to go to the gym myself. Then again, staring at the bros in the gym working out isn’t something i should complain about. 

Challenge: Poppers Training Vids

If you knew me personally, I’d like to say I love a challenge. Personally, I can be quite competitive and much like edging, sometimes I like to see how far I can push myself to meet my sexual goals. Now, in exploring the use of poppers and “popperbating”, I have to give warning to play responsibly! As poppers aren’t for everybody, please know your limits and explore safely. 

If you’ve followed my articles, you know I’ve interviewed the men behind Video Head Cleaner and had to give them another shout out. In using their poppers, I came across a number of popper training vids that kept me going. If you aren’t familiar with poppers training vids, they are fan made videos that provide sexually stimulating videos while instructing you when you huff and hold aroma from popper bottles. The experience can be intense, but keeps me in the mood after some good edging. The best for me are those that have great porn footage included moans and sounds from actual scenes or even verbal direction. 

Confidence: Appreciate Porn without Shame

If there is one thing I do pride myself in, it’s appreciating sex positivity. Much like any other vices in my life that I indulge in, I appreciate the porn industry for the entertainment, fun and mental distraction that it provides us in our everyday lives. Gay porn is so prevalent in gay culture and I appreciate the mixture between a healthy approach to porn and sexuality and where it had brought me in to my life. 

Confidently, my advice would be to appreciate porn without shame. The Covid-19 pandemic made the Only Fans platform a household name, and with it, a healthier acceptance of sex workers and the porn industry. We here at Muscle Service are working through our personal lives and side hustles to bring you great new content that is nostalgic of what turned us into muscle porn in the first place. 

Hope you use the 4 C’s in a positive way this weekend! Make sure to check our Muscle Life Coach here. I hope he appreciates my fun and sexy twist on his list of the 4 C’s!