Ya'know, I kinda feel like the images and the mobile video clip below really say everything there is to say about this scorching hot hookup. But you know I can't resist two things (well, a lot more than two things, for sure!): reminding you that 24/7 access to musclefuck goodness like this can now be yours at 50% SAVINGS (for a limited time, so if you're reading this after the Veteran's Day weekend sale is over, sorry!); and being sure you read the purple prose of the Press Release Fairies:

Hirsute muscle god Adam Champ and seething young demi-god Marc Dylan are rocking it in a tight embrace, pulling each other’s clothes off to reveal Adam’s hairy and harnessed chest, and Marc’s smooth, marble muscle. Marc dives into sucking Adam’s fat, lip-stretching cock, savoring his foreskin as the iron hard stud mauls the youth’s nipples. Adam spits multiple gobs of saliva onto Marc’s pristine hole, readying it for the sudden assault of his wicked tool. Marc’s simultaneously anguished and pleasured moans mount with each scorching ass-plug, until both men grab their cocks and choke out their sizzling, explosive loads. There’s man-cum for all.

And isn't “man-cum for all” what this glorious nation is really all about? But I digress…

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Adam Champ fucks Marc Dylan in Raging Stallion Studios Explosive

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