Today, we bring you an original “Muscled Santa” story by Mr. Muscleflexx. A muscular daddy Santa Claus is his gift to you this holiday season! Enjoy!


It is known that on Christmas Eve, Santa gets on his sled to bring lots of toys & goodies to good girls and boys. But especially good young men. Good hard ripped muscle men. You know, the ones you’ve seen that give you that huge boner and you're wanting to lick those huge gorgeous muscles.

But what they don’t know is after those toys are delivered to those happy boys with a new bike, that video game, that new big screen TV, Santa goes out again to deliver. Except for this time, he transforms from a fat man with a beard to a hot ripped gorgeous muscle daddy who loves muscle and Cum. And for all the young men throughout the world who love muscle and Cum, he brings them a different type of toy. How about a huge, hot huge cock? Also known as a toy, one that smooth young muscle men can share with all the other men, all over the world.


Santa began transforming his body into a hot huge bodybuilder because of his Elves. That’s right. His Elves. All the Elves are hot ripped 18-year-old muscle boys and have always been young since the beginning. They never grow old, and they always get bigger or more ripped. They love showing off their gorgeous bicep peaks or smooth rock-hard pecs. But one day, Santa got the day off from working with The Elves. He saw all of them in the North Pole gym. He noticed that every boy, as short as they are, have muscles that keep getting bigger and bigger.

Santa loved to see every Elf wearing a tight revealing tank top and skimpy posing trunks, and noticed that every Elf had a huge cock, almost busting out of those posing trunks or jocks. After watching those elves pump muscle and their huge cocks, without hesitation, Santa peeked down to his trousers and pulled those pants down to check his cock. Santa was amazed! His cock was fully erect and his cock must have grown to over 10 hot inches!!!

He then proceeded to take off his red coat and instead of seeing a fat stomach and fatty arms, Santa saw hot smooth gorgeous rock hard pecs! Then he saw his biceps with his arms so veiny, and biceps so fucking huge with amazing peaks.

In front of a mirror, he posed with a double bicep flex and couldn’t believe the bicep peak on his biceps. His cock grew bigger than he had ever seen it. He was so horned looking at his own gorgeous muscles, Santa realized that he had to get all young and older boys into loving hot hard muscle.


As Santa was flexing in front of the mirror, two Elves came into Santa's room to ask him a question. Stunned, the two Elves look at Santa in Awe. Some elves are so ripped as fuck, but most of the Elves there have such huge biceps and triceps and beautiful pecs. The two elves who came to where Santa was flexing shouted “Santa, your muscles are so hot”, and “Santa, your biceps are giving me a huge boner”! Then, one Elf pulled out his huge cut cock, and already some Cum was starting to drip down the huge head and shaft of that massive cock. The Elf flexed his massive biceps and the Elf with him did the same, but that other Elf has even bigger biceps and cock than the other one. The Elves look at Santa whose eyes are filled with lust, and at that point, Santa said “You two elves' muscles are so hot, tell me what you think of this?” Then Santa was completely stripped naked!

Santa sat down, with a massive boner, his muscles super pumped, and he did a massive bicep flex and said “You two gorgeous muscle Elves, do you want to lick my biceps and pecs to see if I’m big and hard enough”? In seconds, the two Elves started licking his huge biceps. As they licked, they stripped off all their Elven clothes and Santa got a bigger boner. He saw that the Elves were so ripped as fuck and fuckin huge! The two elves were so fucking horned, they couldn’t stop licking Santa’s flexed biceps and pecs. They licked Santa’s huge deep pits and with their wet hot tongues licked softly and slowly around Santa’s smooth hard nips and his rock-hard pecs. But as they licked, and without a single warning, both Elves started squirting a geyser of hot Cum. At least 20-30 feet of hot Cum drenched Santa’s pecs, biceps, abs, and mouth. And as that Cum dripped down his cheeks and lips, he licked up all that muscle-building Cum!

Oh yeah, he couldn’t stop licking all that hot dripping muscle-building protein Cum from his lips, and even then, the two Elves go to Santa’s Cum drenched face, and they both lick that muscle building Cum from his hot mouth and all 3 then kiss passionately taking all that hot Cum in their Cum hungry mouths to build muscle even bigger and harder. Then, Santa did a double bicep flex and more Elves came into the room. First 20 more Elves filled the room, then 50, and finally 100 huge bodybuilding Elves filled the room.

All the Elves started jacking their huge cocks, while Elves got on their knees on each side of Santa’s huge cock, and uncontrollably start licking and sucking, Santa’s monster tool. All the elves started passionately kissing each other in between sucking that massive cock. Santa loved watching these massive elves lusting for his huge cock and his huge pecs and biceps. Santa knows the Elves love Cum. And just then he started squirting geysers of hot Cum all over those Elves sucking him off. He squirted so fucking much, most of the Elves were starting to get drenched with hot muscle-building Cum also. Then Santa and the 100 other muscle Elves started jacking their huge cocks, Cum started squirting from all over at the same time. The Elves and Santa then start licking hot cum from Santa’s and the hot Elves' muscles again, for more size, to get more ripped, and for more hot addiction to hot Muscle Worship.

From that moment on, Santa knew that his second trip on Christmas Eve was to give good boys the hot muscles they desire and wanted so badly. As a gift from Santa, they will all get ripped, bigger pecs, biceps, and triceps. Young men around the world begging and praying for bigger muscles, bigger cocks, and muscle-building Cum. Now Santa can give them all that.


Santa, his ripped muscle gorgeous Elves, and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas.

Until next year you huge bodybuilders, keep pumping and showing off in the gym steam or sauna also to all you young ripped muscle boys keep pumping and I promise you will get bigger and even more ripped, and I promise you that you will have many many many hot muscle boys getting off and loving your gorgeous bicep peaks and your smooth hot pecs and nips.

Get to the gym and get that super pump and show off and flex to get that squirting hot Cum, you know, that hot muscle worship you love. Again, Merry Christmas to all muscle boys and men.

Signed SANTA