One thing I love is when porn – and pornstar references – transcends into mainstream media.

It used to be, when I would see a porn actor be featured in a movie or TV show, I'd excitedly look around the room to see if anyone else recognizes the star. Now, as we continue to thin the lines of what we consider shocking, it's great to see a pornstar – or several – be flat-out named in an award-winning TV show.

If you haven’t caught it yet, let me introduce you to “Letterkenny”. Hulu carries the Canadian mockumentary comedy series created by the sexy and tall actor and producer Jared Keeso. “Letterkenny” has captured multiple Canadian Screen Awards while considered a cult show,.  

I consider myself a fan of the show, having seen every episode. It follows the lives of Canadians from a small rural community. I'm happy that they feature LGBT+ characters in a fun, positive light (a la “Schitt's Creek”).

I was happily shocked when in a recently aired episode I heard a full list of gay porn actors be called out in one of their scenes. If you haven’t seen the show, take a look at the clip below and the full list of all the pornstars called out.

I like to think the world is a better place now that many more viewers know these pornstars by name.

Johnny Rapid

Buck Richards

Pierce Paris

JJ Knight

Max Orion

Liam Cyber

Calvin Banks

Beaux Banks

Boomer Banks

Max Corbin Fisher

Dean Sean Cody

Cocky Boys

Guys in Sweatpants


Bel Ami