Say Hello to Big Boy Gavin Colt

“Braveheart Gavin here, here for you no matter what.”

Gavin Colt has been on for seven years now. In fact, he just celebrated his anniversary on gay cams earlier this month. After all this time, Gavin is still one sexy motherfucker

He’s got a massive chest and perfect arms. He’s a bisexual top who knows how to dominate. Some of his biggest fetishes are humiliation, nipple play, spanking, and dirty talk. This man is open to all kinds of fetishes and he does them with all of his energy.

“Any type of thing I do, I do it with my heart. Talk, laugh, jerk, dance, eat, I do it with my heart.”

Big boy Gavin makes sure his shows are always living up to their full potential. After all, making that special connection is what keeps everyone engaged.

“Listen here people, everyone can jerk off and cum,” he continued in his profile. “Ain’t nothin’ hard about dat. Listening to the person at the end of the line, caring for him, letting him open his heart to you, taking the conversation to the next level…now that’s what a private should be like.”

A muscle man with big arms and a big heart- Gavin is a real man who knows what he wants. Can’t wait to see what he’s up to in his next live show!

Get your private show with Big Boy Gavin on!

Get your private show with Big Boy Gavin on!