Recently, a clip of the iconic bottom bodybuilder Tom Katt made the Twitter rounds showing off his cocksucking skills in the Link gay porn series. This clip, among others, shows how much Tom Katt loved to be a submissive hole.

Let’s be honest, he may have found Jesus today, but there was a time Tom Katt seemed to eagerly loved to use his muscular ass to get fucked and salivating lips to suck cock. I hope he is happy where he is, but if he were to open an OnlyFans or return to porn to show these new amateurs how it's done, I'd gladly help produce his content. The clip that recently went viral among our porn loving crowd was from Link 2 Link, directed by Chi Chi LaRue and produced by Channel 1 Releasing. 

We’ve recapped series like “Black Balled” and “Centurion Muscle” now we present to you the Link series in all its hot and leathered glory as a reminder of Tom Katt's strong skills.

“Mandatory clothes check. Enter… if you dare.” The queen of man-to-man sex, Chi Chi LaRue, brings you a wildly ferocious San Franciscan flick that features some of the nastiest fuck and suck whores in the business.

Link 2 aka Link 2 Link

Action, action, action. Chi Chi LaRue's Link 2 Link is nothing but cocks: thrusting, moaning, squirting, and coated with decent techno music and neat lighting. A sexy stud utters the line “Its always hot in here.” And it is, Mary! Manly men wearing precious little other than jock straps, maybe a jacket, and boots (of course) suck away and bounce on each others cocks. Weird videogame sound effects and twisted edits stop each scene and blend into another.

Link 3 aka The Final Link 

This is one of the nastiest, hardest, filthiest, roughest, ass-plungingest, leathered up, hairy-muscled-tear-em-up fuckathons I've ever seen. I think just about every truly raunchy and manly genre and fetish are covered here: Cops, leather, spitting, enemas, pissing, sex clubs, dildos, toys, chains, body worshipping, enemas… and oh yeah, most of a human foot going where few feet have gone before – up a willing asshole.

The final orgy sequence – blowout sex of the highest order – is of the type rarely seen today: non-stop, raunchy and ending with Vince's face covered in heavy manmilk. Someone pass me a straw – quick! If the first two installments of this epic series made you wet, wait until you get a load of this one – load most definitely being the optimum word here. You ain't seen nuttin' yet, motherfuckers. Completely plotless, completely filthy, completely amazing.

Link 4 aka The Missing Link

Continuing in the multi-award winning tradition of the previous LINK videos, the queen of sleaze, Chi Chi LaRue, has pulled out all the stops and has topped herself with The Missing Link. From New York City to Los Angeles, Chi Chi brings you the cream of the crop in this explosive, cutting edge, man sex video. Aboard again with Chi Chi is an award winning crew such as editor Andrew Rosen. There is something for everyone in this 3-hour sex extravaganza. A total of 9 sizzling sex scenes that range from gangbangs, pumps, orgies, leather men, Sailors, Latino and African-American men who let loose and fuck, suck and do whatever else they damn well please to get off.

Link 5 aka Link: The Evolution 

This is the 3-disc Expanded Edition “retail version” of the film (without the watersports or extreme buttplay sequences).

Nine years ago Chi Chi LaRue began his Link series of leather movies for All Worlds Video. Subsequent titles in the series were Link 2 Link, The Final Link and The Missing Link. It's been over five years since LaRue considered adding another Link to this successful chain of movies. With the acquisition of All Worlds Video, LaRue is now venturing back into that dark and dirty world with Link: The Evolution.

Link: The Evolution will be the biggest, dirtiest and best Link yet,” says LaRue. Featuring -soaked orgies with the hottest leather clad studs in the business, Link: The Evolution promises to be the one hardcore movie everyone will be talking about.

“I almost forgot how fun it is to be this wild, dirty and nasty on the set,” LaRue said. “I remember how much fun I had, and how much fun the guys had getting into this kind of piggy play. The Link series has always proven to bring out the inner sex pig in everyone. One of the most appealing things about Link is that from jocks to daddies, there is something for everyone – with just the right amount of kink.”

Tom Katt



BornJanuary 211970 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Birth NameDavid Papaleo
Height5′ 6″ (1.68 m)

Mini Bio

Tom Katt was born on January 21, 1970 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He is an actor.


In the mid 1990s, Tom Katt began regularly appearing in gay porn videos. The versatile bodybuilder made at least 15 sex flicks in his first two years.

Lords of the Ring

  • Video 2003

Ryker's Web

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  • Character: Ranch Hand Video 2002

Muscle hunk Caesar explores his gay sexuality with other muscled hotties featuring exquisite power bottom penetration and a controversial 3-way bathroom scene.Big Blue Productions – Cowboy

Weird that there's no mention of Tom. But it was a big deal that Blue Blake got Caesar as his star, so…



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Crash of the Titans

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The Missing Link

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Link 2 Link

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Cop Corruption

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Wet Warehouse Part 2: Drenched

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Red, White & Blue

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Total Corruption II: One Night in Jail

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How to Get a Man in Bed

  • (as Thom Katt) Video 1995

Come & Get It

  • Character Name: Tom Video 1994

The Wild Ones

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Secret Sex 2: The Sex Radicals

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Stargazing 3

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Catalina Preview Tape 7

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Palm Springs Paradise

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Behind the Barn Door

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Abduction 2: Conflict

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Idol Thoughts

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Full Length

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Splash Tops

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Body Search

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Battle of the Bulges

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Let Me Be Your Loverboy

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