Tom Katt, Blue Blake, and Caesar
L to R: Tom Katt, Blue Blake, Caesar

Thinking of muscle and bodybuilders in porn brings a few great studios to mind. Studios that really defined the alpha male. I’ll be happily reviewing movies from these studios and rating random moments in muscle worship, alpha dominance, bodybuilders in porn and more. For now, here are top 5 moments in Blue Blake Videos!

  1. Jeremy Jordan & Rico Dulce “Straight Bodybuilders Do” – Natural to muscle worship, I absolutely love size difference. As you can tell from my other Blue Blake reviews, I LOVE alpha dominance and muscle worship makes for such hot content when nicely paired with someone smaller. In the first scene of “Straight Bodybuilders Do”, Jeremy Jordan pushes himself to the limits with a huge dildo that he uses at Dulce’s command before being fucked by him. Rico’s dominance over Jordan as he fucks him is what probably got me into muscle as a young twink. Wish there were more muscle worship in this scene as Ducle’s pecs were made for it but so damn hot over all. 
  1. Scott Gunz in “Hard as Rock” or “Strongman Solo Series 1 – Straight Bodybuilders”. Another newcomer in the Blue Blake Series, Scott Gunz absolutely made me drool over him since he first showed his beefy muscle ass! A muscle worshipper’s dream, Scott Gunz provides such a hot verbal scene talking throughout his solo jerk off performance. Phrases like “I want you to feel me when you breathe god damn it…I want to be so far up in your hole” make this final scene a hot one for the solo jerk off movie. His grunting when he cums “daddy’s load” is something I will always want. Sucks we actually never got to see “Strongman Solo Series 2”.
Scott Gunz in "Hard As Rock" by Blue Blake
  1. Robert van Damme in “The Muscle Pit”: Robert Van Damme’s follow up performance to his appearance in “Musclemen Moving Company Inc”. provides a memory that I will always keep in my mental spank bank. While the first scene of the movie already delivers hot muscular men fucking, it’s the final shot of that scene that keeps it as a top moment for me. Just as Robert Van Damme is done fucking Marco Paris, the scene changes to Robert Van Damme sitting at Paris’ feet where he receives a nice thick facial that Van Damme seems to love and savor a little too well. To top it off Paris, leans in for a kiss on Robert’s cum-filled lips that just sets the tone for the rest of the hot movie. 
  1. Derek Steele in “Musclemen Moving Company Inc.”: The final scene in “Musclemen Moving Company Inc.” introduces daddy Derek Steele to the Blue Blake Gayverse. His alpha daddy performance and verbal dominance on co-star Jim Slade is one I will always occasionally rewatch. Absolutely love how he shows such a craving for Slade’s ass and urge to use that daddy dick all over him. Unfortunately, Derek Steele didn’t maintain a long career in porn but he is a daddy this writer aims to one day meet in person!
  1. Caesar in “Cowboy”: Perfectly beefy and buff in this film, Blue Blake scored big in locking in Caesar as the main star for Cowboy. It’s hot to score a professional bodybuilder in porn and Caesar shows major star quality. Love seeing his tight bod flex as he fucked and pounded ass in every scene he was in. Such a handsome and perfect stud overall! Just watch it. Nothing I can say tops seeing him in action so just watch. 
Caesar is Cowboy, written, produced & directed by Blue Blake

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