Massimo Arad & Andy Star in Men At Play's "Fucking The Boss"

What happens when, at a job interview, your future boss knows why you lost your last job? Massimo Arad, the owner of a thriving art gallery, has invited Andy Star in for an interview. Andy has the education and experience to make for a star employee. But, beyond his normal duties, Massimo is looking to see if Andy is up for an important task.. fucking the boss!

I know, I know… I was all about Massimo Arad like 5 minutes ago. But now I've seen Andy Star and I'm all “Massimo Who???”

Don't get me wrong, I'm not really as fickle as the above would lead you to believe (or leave me appearing). I still love how Massimo Arad shows up at the beginning of the previous clip I posted: in the shower, getting wet, toweling off, opening the door… Oh, Massimo, don't hate me for lusting for both you and Andy Star; just let it be a testament to how I'm an equal-opportunity muscle hound. Which I'm guessing is exactly your favorite type of fan, am I right about that?

And here's a question for all of you: is it true that Andy Star used to be a… twink?? Commentary I've seen elsewhere would lead me to believe that he's been around for a while but this is the first time I've ever come across him. And that he's been bulking up for more than just a little bit of time. C'mon guys, spill what you know in the comments below! Does anyone use comments for commenting any more? No? Well, then, maybe you want to post this piece on your socials and comment there with what you know about either of these two…

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