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Pioneers of Bodybuilder Sex

Thanks to Carlo, we’ve all seen their bodybuilder sex videos. You’ve seen their trailers and follow their account on Twitter or caught them elsewhere. The hot, uniquely recognizable videos produced by and the men in their famous Mexican wrestling masks are undeniable. Muscular men fucking. Straight men exploring their carnal desires. Bodybuilder sex like taking turns face-fucking an eager cocksucker. A lucky sub being “nothing but a hole”. All this and more comes to mind when I think of what Carlo has achieved with There is nothing like it out there and they’ve made a name for themselves.

It was a dream come true speaking with “the Boss” aka Carlo, the founder and creator of We talked about where the Muscle Mafia came from. And what it means to have a loyal family stand behind the men that have built the Muscle Mafia. Several guys have joined the family. Whether your favorite is Carlo-the Bossman himself-or Matt, Brad, Anthony, or others, find out what's next. We'll clue you into the ins and outs of what Carlo is planning for the future of

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Not Your Usual Mafia

We all know that the word Mafia evokes a harsh stereotype. But Carlo puts a nice spin on the analogy of the Muscle Mafia. The stereotypical Mafia trades in guns, drugs, and illegal activity under the radar. The Muscle Mafia trades in muscle, bodybuilder sex, and private exhibition among themselves and their exclusive clientele.

This Mafia's clientele consists of politicians, celebrities, business executives, and other men with wives and girlfriends. A sexual male-only “Fight Club”, the Muscle Mafia has been built on the loyal code of silence. An underground community. Where alpha men can explore their sexual desires. With 200+ erotic videos displaying an array of fantasies. Man-on-man bodybuilder sex, muscle worship, toy play, cocksucking, watersports, erotic hypnosis. And even adding cum as an active ingredient in protein shakes.

bodybuilder sex

Creating and Staffing the Muscle Mafia

Like all sexual fantasies, the Muscle Mafia was created behind closed doors. While working part-time at a gym in NY during his first year of college, Carlo came across a room. Men would access the room to privately flex, pose, and hangout. And just like out of true gay fantasy, this led to guys posing for other guys. Then flexing for themselves… with their dicks out. Carlo realized the demand and access for the secret room from viewers and admirers. One of the patrons was the head of a major modeling agency. Carlo started selling tickets and was urged by him to create this into a full bodybuilder sex business. 

Carlo's business interest is also what captivated my focus on porn during my own sexual awakening. Men, bromance, muscles, and the bodybuilders that fucked girls in straight porn powered my porn desires. Once, as Matt and Carlo tagged a lucky girl together, Carlo thought to have Matt participate in his new business. It was Matt who first said he would openly produce some bodybuilder sex videos without his face out there. As Matt took the initial plunge into performing on camera, was born. The site initially only focused on Matt, his images, and videos. But it ultimately became a site full of muscular men staffing Muscle Mafia. Carlo and Matt encouraged other men to get involved. As a result, the site today holds a strong collection of over 200+ videos of true man-on-man raw energy. is a safe space for Carlo, his men, and his loyal army. 

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True Crime on Crime Action 

The brand Muscle Mafia couldn't be more perfect. This exclusive company deals with secret desires and fantasies fulfilled. And the name's also a great fit for another reason. As it turns out, a violent uneasy side to the gay porn industry truly exists. I was shocked to learn that the company members have received death threats from other companies. Regular consumers lwant to think the gay porn industry is inclusive of the many hot sexually-uninhibited men wanting to entertain; it’s interesting to discover many in the business want to end any gay porn competition. Carlo and his men continue to stand strong and independent from the mainstream gay porn houses. Plus, you know you're doing something right when you get death threats. This author has complete faith in the Muscle Mafia taking care of themselves. Not only legally but with muscle strength alone.

Though certain studios threatened, others praised the brand's innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Muscle Mafia pioneered authenticity in their bodybuilder sex production style. And their type of “Reality Porn” was a big seller. Actors performing in and product containing contrived scenes and obvious over-acting tanked in the market. Carlo invented quality “Reality TV” in the adult industry in the early 2000s. Thereby paving the way for every homegrown guy in his bedroom now making money on OnlyFans. In a very substantial way, he single-handedly “Changed the Face” of the adult industry–not without pushback and, more rarely, encouragement.  

A sexual male-only “Fight Club”, the Muscle Mafia has been built on the loyal code of silence. An underground community where alpha men can explore their sexual desires.

Joining Carlo and the Bodybuilder Sex Family

It’s accepted practice that studios scout talent by finding men who need a buck or two. It’s quite another story for men to seek out Carlo and his mafia and offer to unleash their inner desires. Recruitment has never been an issue for the Boss because of these men who want to explore their deepest needs. They come to Carlo to become part of his Muscle Mafia. The key to the success of the 200+ bodybuilder sex videos Carlo has produced to date? The viewer's erotic tension is multiplied knowing many of these guys are there to unleash their carnal desires for you. As of now, 30 different men are listed on the site; but here's a little insider knowledge. Men have filmed for Carlo and have asked for their videos to keep locked in the Muscle Mafia vault. These unreleased gems are unaccounted for in that number. 

Highly profiled mainstream gay porn sites with huge budgets can produce many polished productions. However, the Muscle Mafia gives us what we truly want. Straight Alpha Men unleashing their inner beast in a private exclusive environment.

So Who is “The Boss”?

bodybuilder sex

What the Muscle Mafia consists of is stated perfectly on their site. Healthy sexual men who see sex, muscle worship, mutual muscle worship, domination, and erotic control as a satisfying masculine sport. Carlo is the epitome of a gay boy’s dream. Carlo is that secret muscle jock you lust for. The One who you hope would entertain the idea of fulfilling your secret bodybuilder sex fantasies. He’s the jock-turned-alpha-bodybuilder male you crushed on in high school with suppressed sexual fantasies. Who surprises you by throwing you a wink when no one is looking. Thus letting you know you share that secret and in turn, that bond. Speaking with Carlo raised those fantasies for me.

Carlo’s biggest turn-on? The idea that someone would find all his hard work and dedication to the gym something admirable. Being an exhibitionist behind the site and being able to seduce other men like him and bringing out their desires. Carlos is an intelligent guy with a lot of heart. He wants his site to be where guys who have similar sexual desires can belong. Where they can learn about their sexuality, what they want, and feel perfectly normal in the process. 

Highly profiled mainstream gay porn sites with huge budgets can produce many polished productions. However, the Muscle Mafia gives us what we truly want: straight alpha men unleashing their inner beast in a private exclusive environment.

Pricepoint vs Value

As many have stated over the years, there has always been a concern for the price point of the site. If you aren't simply purchasing a video, access to the site can cost you a flat $99.00 a month. But the Godfather of underground muscle porn and bodybuilder sex is available to lend a hand to a loyal member. The Mafia is all about loyalty and once you're in with Carlo…you’re safely in. They know they are not for everyone and don't want to be. 

Yes, there are other places where you can find porn for cheap. But you have to remember the mantra that you get what you pay for. With a VIP membership, you get content that has been created over a span of 20 years. And when you're part of Muscle Matt and the Muscle Mafia, Carlo has this to say. You're getting an organic steak over a processed McDonalds burger. Those who have experienced firsthand the benefits of a VIP membership appreciate Carlo's hard work. And the participation of his leading men. Their supporters are long-time loyal members of the Muscle Mafia. The Muscle Mafia and The Boss deal directly with each and every member, providing a very close-knit and intimate community. Those on their mailing list always enjoy special rates and discounts celebrating special events with special deals.

Membership has the Edge

In the end, Carlo is the true Boss, running his business to those loyal and invested in what he provides. It's not for everyone, but as a lifetime member myself, for those that are in, the rewards are there. I cannot wait for our next chat. We'll talk about the other men that have made the Muscle Mafia their family. What’s next for Carlo and his Muscle Mafia? Sounds like his own exclusive app, book, and documentary are all in the works.

“The Boss” has successfully adapted to the change of the times. Before, men would be able to have their sexual fulfillment from watching men pose in person. True muscle worship in action. Today, we are left with getting teased by OnlyFans members online. But Carlo has provided his fans top-notch entertainment since Day One. First holding private meetings in the back of his gym (true erotic nostalgia). Now building an online bodybuilder sex mob family and army. Carlo has brought that sexual intensity of private shows to the masses. 

More Bodybuilder Sex to Come

With so much more to come, this is only the first part of this Muscle Service Station Series. And let me know if there are any other featured guys from The Muscle Mafia you want to see interviewed. (Comment below.) Unfortunately, you can't experience the sexual gallery and library of great content first hand unless you join. But if you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly to the Bossman himself,