This week, I am happy to feature young bodybuilder Scott Kinghorn. If the last name wasn't any indication of his greatness, he stands tall among the growing aesthetic young bodybuilding crowd. A male stripper for Dreamboys (think Chippendales or Thunder from Down Under), fitness model, personal trainer and online coach, Scott tells us how he got into fitness, what he does to stay looking the way he does and who he admires in the bodybuilding world! 

Eddie V: Off the bat, I have to compliment your physique. You are incredibly sexy which is why we are happy to have you as our social media spotlight this week. How did you get into fitness? What is your workout plan? Schedule?

Scott Kinghorn: Originally got into fitness as [I] was very underweight/skinny. Around 125-130lbs at 6ft 2in. Wanted to build some muscle, but the typical “beach body”: a little tone on arms and some abs you know the type, Obviously things became an addiction. After that, the quest for more size and perfect aesthetics. Current workout plan which is still for building size but typically stick to the same when dieting but simply throw in a little more volume such as drop sets supersets etc. 

Day 1 Quad emphasis and Calves

Day 2 Chest and Triceps

Day 3 Rest  

Day 4 Hamstrings and Calves

Day 5 Back

Day 6 Delts and Biceps

Day 7 Rest  

A fair amount of volume… focusing on building in various rep zones for maximum muscle fibre recruitment/stimulation. Working sets and high intensity. Typically do low volume high intensity but it’s good to switch things up.

Scott Kinghorn

Eddie V: What would you say is your best feature? Are they your pecs? Arms? Face? 

Scott Kinghorn: Best feature I would say [are] my pecs. Very good structure and insertions genetically. 

Eddie V: You started your career as a fitness model. Where did you first get the inspiration to change into the bodybuilder you are today?

Scott Kinghorn: Fitness modelling for first year or two then swapped to wanting to gain more size. I had an obsession with staying ripped due to stripping, and fitness model stuff. So this affected me greatly when trying to put size on due to being in a constant deficit. So I had to simply add the tissue and then cut back in, making sure to still stay at a lower body fat level when doing this. This was controlled thru diet. So essentially gaining muscle and burning fat at the same time which is possible with the right environment. 

Eddie V: How have you been able to keep in shape with Covid restrictions?

Scott Kinghorn: Covid restrictions have been a nightmare, but I have still been able to train some what… in the UK it’s more or less been full lockdown of everything for basically a year…. last full lockdown last year in March I trained outside for about 3 months. Was not ideal but gotta do what you can! Will attach a picture of that. You can be really creative, body weight exercises but utilising weight via dip belts etc. Resistance bands aren’t the best for bodybuilding but time under tension can be achieved. 

Scott Kinghorn

Eddie V: You have competed professionally. Is this something you want to continue doing? What are the challenges you've faced in competing?

Scott Kinghorn: I competed and won the 3x I have. In honesty, the shows I just did because I was doing photoshoots around the same time, so I tied it in at the same time. Challenges faced really are just mentally as deep into prep it’s very tiring and exhausting mentally and physically, also it dictates your life to the best part, I always try [to] have a balance and still enjoy life, but in honesty I like being in a routine, keeps me focussed. 

Eddie V: How did you first get into becoming a male stripper? Any funny stories while on the job?

Scott Kinghorn: Started stripping at 20 years old. 10 years ago. So a veteran so to speak! Literally knew a friend who did the naked butler type stuff so I did this initially but very fast got into stripping. From there I’ve been extremely successful and top ranked, working thru several agencies, my own and companies such as dreamboys (alike chippendales of your American) in which I’ve done their shows for many years. Lots of stories really literally done every type of party you can imagine in every various place from the bars/clubs/ to apartments.

Scott Kinghorn

Eddie V: How quickly did you start to get followers on social media?

Scott Kinghorn: Social media followers pretty fast in all honesty, mostly due to fact photographers I worked with shared a lot of my content or photoshoots so that boosted things a lot. 

Eddie V: Who are some of your inspirations / favorite bodybuilders or athletes? Any other young rising bodybuilders you love to follow?

Scott Kinghorn: The all-time greats Flex Wheeer, Chris Cormier, Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman etc, love the old school bodybuilding. Young rising bodybuilders would be Nick Walker, also Regan Grimes. And got a lot of love for Jaco de Bruyn and Sergei [Constance]. 

Eddie V: What is something people may not know about you?

Scott Kinghorn: People may not know I am degree educated and also have a professional job. 

Eddie V: Pet peeve?

Scott Kinghorn: Not much annoys me in honesty. I'm the most laid back person. People who don’t put their weights away is a pet peeve haha. 

Eddie V: Where can people follow and reach you at (all social media links/website? Is there anything they should know/prepare if they would like to hire you as a personal coach?

Scott Kinghorn: To hire for a personal coach just drop me an email on or DM on social media platforms. [I] work with all types of people for any goal really, build muscle/burn fat or just fitness. I’ve built my physique on aesthetic pleasing so maintaining shape and size so a lot of people tend to message me based on this. Social media on Twitter just AestheticScotty. Instagram Scottyaesthetic. Thanks