Celebrity crushes: Penis edition

I love to hear about people’s discovery of their fascination with the nude male physique. I feel like it tells me a lot about themselves. It lets me know if you discovered and understood your sexuality at an early age, what type of man you’re interested in and simply to compare my discovery with other people. I’ve shared it here before but my earliest crush was the Red Ranger from the Power Rangers. He was the OG alpha male leader of the pack who was rumored to do gay porn under the name Brock at Sean Cody. Disappointingly that was a rumor, but when the rumor came out I quickly ran to my computer to see if it was true and for a hot minute I believed it.

There is some excitement to know your favorite celebrity has posed nude. It may not be Playgirl, but I’ve known many people to re-watch a movie or scene for a 3 second flash of a celebrity flaccid penis. Well, the celebrity nude side Mr. Man has created a space for clips, gifs and images of celebrity penis which have been shown on the big and small screen. 

Earlier this month they released a new fun little bracket style competition dubbed “Cockapalooza” allowing fans to choose between their favorite celebrity penis. Currently, this includes celebrity crotches that have legally been placed in movies and TV so sorry you won’t be seeing Mike O’Hurn on this list as that content was leaked. I’ll leave you to google that for you enjoyment. 😉

Make sure to check out the many gifs and vote at www.mrman.com/bracket! For now, see what the site shared on Cockapalooza. 

“From Michael Fassbender’s knee-slapper to Ewan McGregor’s legendary uncut goodness to Josh O’Connor’s all around just damn perfect penis, more stars than you think have revealed their manhood on screen. We scoured our comprehensive nudity database for the biggest, fattest and longest celebrities penises ever seen on screen, and it’s up to you to vote for your favorite!”

Mr. Man

The full list of competitors follows:

Michael Fassbender

Tom Mercier

Javier Bardem

Tom Cruise

Adam Demos

Peter Vack

Jack Reynor

Paul Mescal

Josh OConnor

Thomas Jane

Jai Courtney

Vincent Gallo

Jonathan Groff

Theo James

Colin Farrell

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Daniel Craig

James Purefoy

Ewan McGregor

Karl Glusman

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

Chris Messina

Alexander Skarsgard

Mark Rylance

Heath Ledger

Jeremy Williams

Chris Zylka

Henry Eikenberry

Christophe Paou and Pierre Deladonchamps

Paul Dawson

Harry Lawtey

Jaye Davidson

Robert De Niro

Antonio Banderas

Max Riemelt

Louis Garrel

Ben Affleck

Mark Ruffalo

Christopher Meloni

Zach McGowan

Shia LaBeouf

Juan Carlos Maldonado

Michael Pitt

Gaspard Ulliel

Omar Epps

Eric Balfour

Tom Hardy

Colby Keller

Bradley Cooper

Jack OConnell

50 Cent

Jesse LaVercombe

Matt Bomer

Michiel Huisman

Sebastian Stan

Jason Biggs

Gerard Butler

Ansel Wolf Pierce

Oscar Isaac

Daryl McCormack

Willem Dafoe

Tony Chiu-Wai Leung

Leonardo DiCaprio

Chris Pine

See all the content and vote at www.mrman.com/bracket!!!

At the time of writing, the competition stands between Paul Dawson and Jesse LaVercombe.

Paul Dawson

Jesse LaVercombe.