The entertainment industry coined the term triple threat. Usually, this was exclusive to teenage heartthrobs and young actors. The kind who were slowly turned into money making machines through music, movies, modeling contracts and more. Today, what celebrity doesn't have all the above. In porn however, we need to define the triple threat and can start off with LockedThug aka LatinJockXXX. He describes himself as a OG Latin Jock, gogo boy, and HIMBO sub. And with rising pornstar, chastity legend and muscle pup added to the mix, we have a great start for porn’s triple threat. 

I was lucky to have a chat with the kind, charming and seductive man himself. And I'm greatful that he shared so much of himself. It was exciting and a bit of a turn on to speak with him for an exclusive with MuscleService. We dive into the mindset of what a HIMBO sub is in today’s world. He shares his story of how he came across porn for the first time and fell in love with it. And, like so many of us, hoped to one day spread his legs for the camera! 

I’ll leave you to read the rest and cannot wait for a long career ahead for LockedThug!

Let's talk gogo.

Eddie V: Your twitter description states you are a OG Latin Jock, gogo boy, and HIMBO sub. Where do you gogo? How long have you been at it? How did you start?

LockedThug: First thanks for the opportunity to share a little about me bro, really truly appreciate it man.  I’m horned as fuck, locked in chastity, plugged and ready to talk this stuff out. 

My original account was LatinJockXXX that is the reference to OG (Original Gangsta) I was testing the waters to see how well I could do online as a porn content creator.   As things reopened following the pandemic I decided it was best to go ahead and step back from Adult Entertainment.  Not now though haha, I’m back and better then before, I don’t have all that toxic religious guilt bullshit lingering over me. 

I’ve been a gogo boy for 7 years in Denver and throughout the country at a variety of venues. Currently I’m a resident gogo at Charlie’s Denver but frequent Denver Trade and Denver Sweet.  Gogo dancing, bro, it’s  like being king of the world for the night. It’s fun as fuck. Don’t get me wrong, there is consent and then a time and place to play (with me anyway) but when I’m on the box, being sexualized makes my dick leak right out of my chastity device, my Dom usually feeds me viagra, so I’m always sexually stimulated dancing and in front people pretty much naked. Some nights my thongs are completely cum stained, that’s hot as fuck, they stay like that for a couple nights while I’m on the box….. 

I remember hitting puberty and saw strippers on TV, in that exact moment I knew I wanted to be that, a sexualized slut….. I’d strip in my room and act like I was a stripper hahaha.  When I had the opportunity to gogo at the Denver Wrangler (now closed) I took it, bro get me in a thong showing off my locked dick and pussy for money, fuck I’m there homie. 


Eddie V: On the HIMBO sub description, what do you think makes you stand out in that role?

LockedThug: Being a HIMBO is a VIBE man, I like to think of me as a Bro type of HIMBO, I’m chill as fuck. For those that don’t know a HIMBO is basically the male form of a Bimbo, it’s a sub culture that is getting more and more popular.   

I’m not afraid to embrace that homie HIMBO thug jock. I love working out, just being dumb as fuck at the gym, hitting the weights hard then getting fucked hard after, or figure fucked by another gym goer while changing.  Part of the fun for me is seeing every muscle group pop, haha naw I just like being exposed bro.  HIMBO vibes, for me…. dress in as little as possible but never devaluing the Broski in you.   Haha…. So I’ll wear a thong, plugged, locked, in a crop top, small booty shorts with a flipped hat, bandanna, or DuRag, air jordans, NIKE etc.  after the gym I might shower and then hit the clubs dressed in the same outfit.  It’s a vibe bro, legit I’m a vibe. 

The OG Latin Jock

Eddie V: On the OG Latin Jock note, tell us how you first got into fitness? I’ve seen from some of your content that you regularly go to the gym. What are your favorite parts to work out and what advice would you give in working that out? What would you say is your favorite physical feature?

LockedThug: If I’m being honest man, being gay isn’t easy. So many norms we are asked to be, including how our bodies look.  Like so many fucking others, my weight and self esteem has been an issue.  And why wouldn’t it be, we (I) grew up in an evangelical era where we sought love but often just felt rejection in the name of love. So how do we love ourselves including our bodies when we are just seeking the basic foundations of love. 

I started working out cause I just wanted to fit in, be that gay guy…. What I learned is seeking validation because of past traumas is just as toxic as not dealing with the trauma itself.  

I started to heal, become one whole person, accept my body, my sexuality, my brains, me heart….. all of it….. self love should be embraced, but I find it’s hard to do as a gay man.  The true beauty in all of this, when I found me, the gym became easier. I started working out with a purpose and with the self love I needed to be successful in the gym and at life.   Or I’m complexity comfortable walking around thonged, locked in the locker room, at the club, in the alleyways, etc. 

My favorite body part, fuck bro. I wish I knew, I’m still my biggest critic…. I guess these days I’m really liking my shoulders, I love looking broad in porn videos, it’s hot to be getting fucked hard while I pop an arched back in doggy position. The homies see see my broad shoulder and the top clearly reads PUREBRED tatted on my back, he knows his place, role and job and I clearlyI know mine…. Back to working out, haha, others have said my legs are my best feature, I guess that’s true cause the hold up while dick is in my pussy for hours. 

Fuck Machine

Eddie V: Having connected on Twitter, what first caught my attention was you using a fuck machine? How long had you fantasized about having one before purchase? What do you enjoy most about it? Recommendations on readers that would like to purchase one?

LockedThug: The pandemic hit and realized I wouldn’t be playing live for a minute.  I also loved watching porn where the homie is tied down and the fuck machine is just turned on full blast fucking the shit out of his pussy, I wanted my pussy fucked like that…. I was like damn that is hot, the moaning gets me every time.  There is a point when you really can’t fake it, the moans start to come and the bottom just feels every bit of dick going in and out, that the best part of porn for me, it’s authentic moaning, fuck.. Seeing a guy in sexual pleasure is fucking beautiful, I wanted to create the same beauty, yea pigs can create beauty, and sex is amazingly fucking beautiful, so I love to create sexual art, readers: hear me moan sometime, that’s fucking a pig in heat, beautiful heat bro. 

I have the fort troff fuck machine. I’m going to upgade soon though. I’ll have something in both holes!  Invest in a good machine, trust your cunt will thank me later.


Eddie V: Have your sexual history and your Twitter visibility impacted your personal life? Any sexy stories?

LockedThug: I was gogo dancing in East Los Angeles, it was really one of my first major city gigs and a ton of dudes kept coming up to me talking about my Twitter. It was crazy, but also I was finally ducking living my sexual fantasy and sexual freedom, the game me a $100 tip and rubbed my hole while did my thing. 

When I travel I get to unintentionally meet a ton of porn stars, some have recognized me on hook up apps and or we end up gogo dancing together.  I’ll give blow job to the guys before going on, it’s hot. I’ve put on a couple of sex shows in in the restroom, hotels, bath houses, the ally, wherever really hahaha. 

Porn Star Dreams

Eddie V: From our chats, you mentioned wanting to get into porn and how it had been a long dream of yours. What has kept you from jumping into the industry? If you could go back and do it when you were younger, when would you have started?

LockedThug: I’ve wanted to do porn since I was a young pup.  At 18 I went to the porn store and took the addresses off twink porn DVD boxes and mailed the companies xerox pics of me, the internet was not as big then.  I did eventually get a call back from a company called CityBoyz, but I freaked and decided not to return the call.  I give mad props to the younger generation that find themselves in a healthy way, early enough to get into what that want to do, I was just a little bitch. 

Most people, I’d imagine would say, fuck yea, I wish I would have done it sooner. That’s not the case for me. I just ended I really toxic year of my life, hitting rock bottom makes you realize that life just isn’t worth living if you ain’t living it with one’s authentic truth, authentic self and authentic intentions.  That brings me to where I am today…. I’m emotionally at an age (don’t ask I’m forever 25 haha) where I have the head on my shoulders to navigate the adult industry, I also love myself enough to know I can’t be everyone else, I can only be me, if I deliver me sexually, emotionally connect and do it with purpose and love then I’ll be successful.  

Eddie V: What do you want to get out of possibly doing porn? Besides meeting hot guys and having great sex lol

LockedThug: This is an easy one bro, I get to be my authentic fucking self, and that, that is fucking priceless.  I get to make art, I love showing off my hole, getting drilled and creating content. But I also love meeting good and genuine people from across the country, taking about real issues like equality, bullying, self love etc. 

Freedom comes from accepting, knowing and being who you are meant to be, For me I’ve fully embraced being a slut and a porn star bottom (maybe verse for the right cash), that’s the goal anyway, so hilt a bro homies, I’m ready, willing and my hole is wet for your dick. 

And hot guys, I’m pretty open to all sizes, ages, shapes, I think beauty is everywhere and in everyone.  I don’t have a whole lot of hangups. 

Eddie V: If you can recall, what was your first interaction with porn? How did you discover it? Early favorite actors, clips, movies, etc?

LockedThug: Fuck, I’ve always been into porn, I found an international mens magazines as a pre teen and remember JO to them. I wore speedos as a teen just so I could be exposed publicly. As a high school wrestler, the singlet showed off my small dick and ass. I would go through the Sunday newspaper ads to see underwear pics and we’ll the list goes on. Haha fuck writing this out, this is 100% what I was meant to be….It’s amazing hoe many homo erotic things are actually in print. 

Legit porn though, I bought a Mr. S catalog back in the late early 2000’s.  I literally new at some point in my life I would do porn. That’s also when I started to identify as a “boy” in the kink community, chastity became a thing in my life and I started posting ads in sex magazines.  I’ve been locked, plugged, taking dick, and thonged ever since. 

Content Collab Time

Eddie V: Anyone you would want to collaborate with?

LockedThug: Fitness Papi of course! But who doesn’t want to be with him.  We actually talked for a brief moment on Twitter when we both started, I deleted my account but fuck he just took off, I’m genuinely proud of another gay Latino doing big things. 

My favorite porn star bottom is @AlessioVegaXXX. I legit watch his porn and want to be his little bro doing the same thing.  He seems chill as fuck and can take big dick. He’s comfortable with himself that comes across in his films. 

Eddie V: Please list your favorite pornstars (dead or alive), content creators who have inspired you? Any you would like to collaborate with? (May have answered this in an earlier questions)


1.) Joseph Ox

2.) Francois Sagat

3.) Rocky

4.) Papi Suave 

5.) King Bryce 

6.) Cutler X

7.) Joel Someone

Honestly, so fucking many it’s hard to make a list. 

Porn companies I want to work with, Tim Porn, Treasure Island, Bi Latin Men, GentlmensCloset, Dream boy bondage, Bound Gods,  and a ton others. Like legit hit me up! I need to get fucked on camera so bad, oh and make a living. 

Turn Ons

Eddie V: What is your sexual turn-on? Is it being a HIMBO submissive bottom? Feel free to elaborate 🙂

LockedThug: I’m so multi complex with this one. I love a good vibe, if you’re coo, nice, chill, we will have passionate sex. If you’re kinky, I’ll be your sub, boy, pup, slave.  

If you are new, like I’ve let older gays 60+ fuck me cause they are just coming out. Why shouldn’t that have a good fuck in their life, I’m coo with it. 

I love being a jock bottom, a bro type. It’s hot as fuck. But honestly I like when a Dom makes me through on a pair of sheer stockings and I became his pussy bottom. Man I moan like a bitch, and when you hit that G spot it’s like I have fucking clit and nothing else matters. Being in chastity turns you into a pussy bottom trust, I don’t care what I look like, pussy bottom HIMBO vibes for sure.  I look like I can fight but ion reality flip me over spread this thug bro open and fuck the shit out of your pussy bro. 

I get turned on by sexual dominance energy.  I’m really looking for a Sir, Master, Dom to eventually be collard to. 


Eddie V: Any fantasy you would love to play out?

LockedThug: Yeah, I’m looking forward to being a big power bottom in the industry, creating a new as a Latin thug porn star.  And with that I want to get fucked at live events throughout the country and around the world. I’d love to have a wireless mic so my moans are heard throughout the club while people are dancing, chilling etc.  to me that’s the ultimate form of exposure.  Let’s do it CLUBS!! Where you at. 

Words of Wisdom

Eddie V: Any words / messages you want to leave with your fans?

LockedThug: Be who you are meant to be in life, if not life will pass you by and one day you’ll look back saying the “What Ifs.”  

Self love is key to feeling the freedom needed to be successful. It’s not always an easy journey, but trust it’s one worth living. 

Forgive yourself for allowing others to treat you the way they have. 

Sex is fucking beautiful, don’t be afraid to live it, love it, be part of it. Fuck, fuck good, fuck hard, fuck soft, fuck long, fuck short… just fuck…. 

Most of all friends, remember your greatness, your light your ability to bring joy, laughter and love to others. 

Love and light friends,  I’m forever grateful and humbled by so many…. 

Always that Latin thug pussy bottom, broski, Jock… 

Antonio , aka LockedThug