Every now and then I get a note out of the blue from someone wanting to be discovered or thinking he's got a slammin' physique. Rarely is it the case that there's anything worth reporting about, but not so this time. Che found me and sent an incredible gallery plus the following information.

I'm looking for work as a model, performer, professional escort or porn actor.

Here is some information about myself: I was born in London;  I'm 44 years old,  5ft 7in tall, with blue eyes and shaved head. At the moment my body is smooth down to my butt! My chest is 45 inches, waist 31, dick 7in cut; you can see from the photos that I'm in excellent shape as I train every day–some times twice a day if Ive got something important coming up. I never go out of condition as I need to be available for work anytime and can get ready for a competition in a mater of a couple of weeks, no problem. In fact I've entered on the day of a competition and still won.

My sexual orientation is bi. I've been married and have four children. I'm just as comfortable getting fucked as I am fucking a woman! I'm totally masculine in my out look and mannerisms. I've traveled extensively with my work and body building, have been to the USA many times for work, and can be available to travel  at short notice.

I have worked with some of the best photographers in the world and been part of the British competitive Body Building team 5 times, including twice this year! I've won many British competitions, performed at the Husler ball in both London and Berlin the last two years and had the privilege of staying with European Royalty in Monte Carlo whilst working as an artist assistant setting up art exhibitions around the world.

Wow! With a body and a resume like that I'm sure someone will want to take advantage of Che's desire to come to the US and find work. If you want to reach him, just drop him a line: che1london@yahoo.co.uk