This week’s erotic artist is someone I am happy to feature. Not only was he very open in our conversations in and out of my series of interview questions, but Muscley Man Comics (MMC) was kind enough to share about his personal journey in coming to terms with his homosexuality, discovering his talents in being an erotic 3D artist from the early ages of the internet, to sharing with us that Muscle Service was one of his first gay porn sites of interest.  I am personally so honored and lucky that he even offered to create a muscular image in my likeness. With over 20 years of experience in creating erotic art, that precedes the creation of AI and many other artists out today, it is an honor to share this week’s artist! Check his info and work below!

Eddie: Tell us how you came to practice your craft? When did you first start?

Muscley Man Comics: In 2000 a friend told me about a program called Poser made by then Curious Labs. I’d never heard of the technology – 3D digital art – but I was eager to learn because I could bring my 2d muscle characters to life. I was actually a hobby writer for ten years and had to use photographs from magazines for my source material. Immediately I was entranced and wanted to create fantasy art images but that didn’t exactly work out as the industry was new and people back then didn’t have the same restrictions (blocking, banning, reporting negative behavior) as they do today so it was a bumpy ride at the start. People were really mean spirited to a budding new digital artist.  

Eddie: Was the goal to always create sexy art or something else? Where did the interest start to want to start creating homoerotic art?

Muscley Man Comics: As I said I wanted to create fantasy artwork – men and women – fully clothed combined with a story. It worked. I grew an audience. People seemed to respond in a positive manner. The internet was young when I started posting online. We had Yahoo groups, AOL, Myspace and Flickr. You could find all sorts of images. Now keep in mind I was a religious idiot, some say zealot, and looking at male muscle was frowned upon. You could build your body, you just couldn’t look at it as an object. And boy did I look at it like that. I found your website, I found and the BigMuscles group. I discovered muscle was a hot topic and I wanted to explore it with my art so I assumed some new pseudonyms and went crazy with it. I fell in love with Ulf the incredible homoerotic 3D artist and acquired his penis model which I use to this day. Jepe makes amazing realistic mapping which I use to this day. There are so many vendors and artists that unknowingly pushed me to create my artwork. I fell in love with homoerotic art while battling internal conflict.  

Eddie: You’re the first person I am interviewing that has created art by some form of 3D rendering. Did you ever create any 2D artwork before?

Muscley Man Comics: Yes, I started out as a young boy unaware of my sexuality. I remember drawing the same thing over and over in the sand, in the dirt, on paper. It was a hard muscle man – his muscular chest, shoulders, arms facing forward, his head to the side, a bulge in his tiny briefs and huge legs. It was fun. I loved it. Until I got caught and felt ashamed. Later I grew up and just focused on random art because it was easy for me. Took classes in college and then abandoned art for writing and weirdly left writing behind to discover this new kind of art. And now I create comics which unite writing with digital art.  

Eddie: Toughest part you’ve come across in creating 3D artwork? 

Muscley Man Comics: Recognizing that if you make something and post it online it will either be stolen and sold, stolen and promoted by someone else as theirs because they removed the watermark, copied and claimed they had the original idea, compared relentlessly with some other artist or ridiculously compared to a modeler (which I am not).

There is a stigma with what I create. I use 3D third party mesh figures that were designed by talented technicians. They put that figure in a program and with the assistance of morph packs for the body and head you – the artist – can manipulate the program to create your unique original character. Not everyone can create a balanced muscular male figure. It takes patience, time, practice and experience. But I am not a modeler. I did not create the characters from scratch. I use various programs to “borrow” morph targets from other characters to build my unique muscle men that most if not anyone else does. I think if people can recognize that we Poser and DazStudio artists are not playing with 3D ken dolls it will help them understand what it is exactly what we do, how challenging it is and how rewarding it is to develop your own style in a sea of 3D artists.  

Eddie: Most of your art features hyper-masculine, muscular men. Who are some of your favorite bodybuilders and athletes? Do you draw any inspiration from real-life people?

Muscley Man Comics: The list is crazy. I love full bodied bodybuilders like Arnold, the [Mentzer] brothers – you know old school. They were the first I discovered. I scour the internet, collecting hundreds if not thousands of photos of muscled men. Jake Burton, Hayden Steel, Steve Taylor pro, Dawson Coman, Charles Paquette, the hot muscle stud that comes to my work on Tuesdays with the curly mustache and incredible hard body . . . they all blow my mind.  

Eddie: As you may know MuscleService caters to gay eroticism and the art of porn. Similarly, please list your favorite pornstars (dead or alive), who have inspired you? If not, we would love to hear your personal list of favorite artists.  

Muscley Man Comics: IamSirQueenJet (what an incredible body and talented singer!),  Luke Garrett (I once actually spoke with him online) It’s not necessarily how they perform or the actual sexual acts that inspire but just their physiques and the poses by the photographer.  Erik Rhodes, and then you find out someone like Trevor Laster (incredible body sadly committed suicide just a few months ago – how very sad). There’s a long list of porn stars I’m certain.  

Eddie: What is your favorite fantasy that you have drawn to date? Favorite pic?

Muscley Man Comics: My favorite fantasy is a comic called “Crimson Fox: First Meeting” and on the second page there is a panel where the character that represents Me (yup) is tightly hugging the Crimson Fox a hairy muscle hunk and I’m saying “I’ve missed your perfect body”. It based off a real event that lasted only a month – a quick affair that was abruptly ended when my muscle stud got spooked and kicked me to the curb. I’ve never stopped loving him. But it’s just a memory now.

My favorite pic is called “Unreal” that shows a muscle body and a very erect penis. No face. Just standing and flexing. It’s a classic for me. 

Eddie: What is your sexual turn-on? Have you included that in your artwork? Feel free to elaborate 🙂

Muscley Man Comics: What gets me hard? Muscular pecs, bulging biceps, ripped abs, monstrous thighs. And of course, a massive throbbing and rather leaky fuck stick. I’m hard now as I wrote all of that so I must be correct. Lol. Every day I make my lovely gay muscle men have sex. Sometimes I make animations – I have several if you’re intrigued. Huge muscle and smaller muscle were my first real turn on BUT now it’s massive muscle on massive muscle that gets the blood pumping.  

Eddie: When did you start finding out you had fans following your artwork? Any messages from fans that have stood out to you?

Muscley Man Comics: Fans come and go. I had a following at the first site I posted and none of it was homoerotic as they are now. Its been an uphill battle as I’ve gotten older. New young blood, modelers, people who cross over from very successful 2D into 3D have taken the spotlight. I’m still here doing the same thing but if I don’t expand out (now with fetishes!) I will become irrelevant. I have fans that pay me, that show up and comment (which I love), some have devoted themselves to me that they follow me on social media plus Patreon or wherever. David (CrimsonFox) has over donated so I could get a dog, make a physical comic and has vowed to support me forever. That’s real devotion.  

Eddie: We are all about supporting each other here in similar interests. Any other artists you love to follow? 

Muscley Man Comics: I did follow Promethius the creator of David (superman) but sadly he passed away. Many artists I follow are on DeviantArt (my main community). I like following the little guys like me who struggle. You know? The heavy hitters have so much publicity it’s not like I despise them I just feel they get enough attention.

My favorites are Pratev (he uses DazStudio and he’s a master of muscle mayhem), SecretFantasy3 (Deviant Art) who uses AI (which I’m not a fan of) to create some of the sexiest muscle snuff art, homoerosii (Deviant Art) another 3d artist who uses DazStudio to make sexy muscle men. Ulf is the ultimate but I’m not sure if he’s still making artwork. 

Eddie: How often do you produce new content?

Muscley Man Comics: Every single Day. Because of my home life circumstances I have to be careful. But when I can,  I make the less raunchy images during the day and I go wild at night.  

Eddie: Is there a project you’ve been working on you cannot wait to complete? (Full comic, new characters, etc.?) What is new for 2023?

Muscley Man Comics: I have been at a fork in the road for awhile. To be honest I’m not sure Patreon is the best choice for me. While my DeviantArt Subscriptions have started to blossom and my Ko-fi is dead, I waiting on the payout of an inheritance to give me a financial boost to create something I’ve always wanted – a full color book or an actual real comic book or get a 3d printer. The money is coming, I just don’t know what I’ll pursue first. All I know is the homoerotic art is never going to stop and I’ll always make muscle art to the end.  

Eddie: If there is anything else you would like to share/talk about, please share. 

Muscley Man Comics: The question people have always asked is if I am gay. I have been married to a woman for coming up on 28 years. No kids. My wife is bi-polar and it sucks. She is a hardcore Conservative Christian as I once were myself. But a legal separation changed all that years ago. I met Mark and he had a rock hard muscle body – my greatest fantasy. I was very fit at the time and sex with him was amazing. It’s sad that he moved away and that was that – nothing was the same again. I live in a proverbial closet. Don’t feel bad for me, be angry at me. I did this to myself. I had an out but I chose not to take it out of fear. Now I realize so many years ago I had nothing to be afraid of including all the haters. I’m gay. But no one will ever really know that until I take the steps toward living it. People have their suspicions and I feel they’re kinda dumb if they can’t see it in my intimate romantic gay art which I love to create the most. So who’s to say what will happen next year. All I know is muscle gay art is my destiny and I gladly embrace it one pixel at a time.