I may be late to the game in pointing this out, but as you may know, the song of the Summer is hands down Kylie Minogue’s “Padam Padam“. Whether or not you are a fan of pop music, let alone Kyle Minogue, you have heard that music many times this Summer. We already know in pop culture, Kylie is a gay icon, producing bop after bop. But I wonder if “Padam Padam” can be as iconic as “Get Outta My Way” was in the pornverse? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me bring you back 11 years or so when Randy Blue produced their own tribute music video to Kyle Minogue's “Get Outta My Way”. 

Back in the day, I would play this song nonstop. It was both sexy and fun and mixed pop culture and porn culture together. Two things that define me haha. [Note from Ace: Soon to be added to the list: gay icon.]

As the YouTube video describes, this includes a total of 26 hot men from Randy Blue’s 2000s era: Nicco Sky, Brett Swanson, Cayden Ross, Travis James, Micah Brandt, Milo Sommers, Chris Bines, Diego Sans, Eric Pryor, Chad Hollon, Caleb Strong, Max London, Reese Rideout, Chris Rockway, Riley Price, Gabriel Cross, Malachi Marx, Porter Wescott, Jarrett Rex, Ash Taylor, Richard Pierce, Chip Tanner, Gunner Pierce, Raphael Cedano, Justin Blakely, and Roman Todd.

My Casting Couch

It would be so hot to have the men come back around and do a rendition of Kylie’s “Padam Padam”. Actually, I’d love to see all music videos feature my favorite pornstars. In covering this article, you know I had to check out my favorite Randy Blue scenes again. Hopefully, with their comeback, they can continue to do fun clips like this. 

There are a few I would love to see return like Reese Rideout and Chris Rockway of course, who have always been personal favorites. And from the OG cast, Diego Sans and Nicco Sky served looks, and Roman Todd who to date has only gotten beefier and more muscular. 

If I had to include a new cast that could shoot a new similar gay icon video I would include:

Malik Delgaty, 

Austin Wolff, 

gay icon

William Seed

gay icon

Johnny Rapid

gay icon

Beaux Banks

Armond Rizzo

Dante Colle,

gay icon

Clark Reid

gay icon

Papi Kocic 


How did we do…? ? (ig: @papikocic.1 & @joshmooreofficial) #fun #dance #smile #fun #foryou #fyp

? sorry ewancarterr – Tik Toker

and so many more. Who would you include?