The Ultimate Tease

Once in a blue moon, a man hits the scene, takes off his clothes for the camera and leaves an impact in the gay porn universe that lasts for years, even decades. Yet for some reason, when you want to find their porn clips, you come to find out there are only one or two out there and nothing more. I call this, the ultimate tease.

For me, the ultimate tease is a pornstar that makes a few scenes, sometimes even just solo work but instantly grows a fan base then essentially disappears forever. Unfortunately, its happened quite a bit and I am sure many of us have a favorite tease that we wish would’ve stayed in front of the camera for much longer than they did. For me, one of those stars is the ruggedly handsome, deep voiced bad boy Scott Gunz. 

Scott Gunz

[Note from Ace: Hey! I took that picture!!]

Professional Placing Bodybuilder

A simple quick search will let you know that Scott Gunz’s real name is Scott Mahar, a former competing bodybuilder.


Contra Costa Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships – NPC  

Light Heavyweight Class – Open Men (10th)        


Junior USA Bodybuilding Championships

Light Heavyweight (9th)    

Porn Career

In front of the camera, Scott Gunz also went by Gerald (Why? Who told him Gerald would be a sexy nickname) and Mr. Badass (Much Better). 

Most of us know Gunz for his classic jerk off session in Blue Blake’s Hard as Rock which was also featured in Blake’s Strongman Solo Series (Sadly this wasn't a series and only had 1 of). This scene made me simp over this man! His deep voice, his vocal jerk off session and the pent up energy he gives off when the cums just makes me horny as fuck.

I’ve also seen circulated scenes from where he performed alongside longtime favorite Gauge. What I didn't know until researching Gunz was that he starred with porn legend Dan Steele for the first Bodybuilders' Jam! Way to kick off that iconic series.

Whisky Connoisseur?

Now due to my professional journalistic skills, I found out what Gunz' career is now and will agree he lives a commendable life. Of course, I won’t share everything I’ve found out due to respect for him, but check out this video posted on YouTube in 2020. Even though its a simple video of his thoughts on Hibiki Harmony Whisky, I wish he would take a few shots, get naked and get back to being his sexy self for the camera. 

Is this Scott Gunz? You tell me. 

He looks good for his age and hope those muscles are still in working order. If he ever wants to step back into the spotlight, I would be happy to produce that comeback video for him. Who else misses him?