Kicking off the week right, I am excited to highlight another erotic artist star in the making! Bringing us hot-ass scenes of Superman, Batman, Red Hood, Green Lantern, Superboy and more, Meat2Go is giving alpha man-on-man action with explosive cum scenes. Hey if DC Comics can't give us the sexy scenes we want on the big screen, then we have to create them ourselves.

We love to hear the erotic artist community supports one another so it was great to learn Meat2Go has been motivated by friend-to-the-site Phausto! From discovering his sexuality through his art, moving countries amid the Covid pandemic, making Batman suck off Clark Kent under his desk, to even having his artwork be discovered by his parents (ah!!!) check out my Q&A with Meat2Go below!

Enjoy and Happy Muscle Monday!

The Beginning

Eddie: Tell us how you came to practice your craft? When did you first start? Was the goal to always create sexy art or something else? Where did the interest start to want to start creating homoerotic art? 

Meat2Go: I've always been into drawing since I was a kid, albeit on scrap paper or math textbooks haha. When puberty hit, desires to explore the realm of sexuality and kinks through art became naturally stronger than ever and I started sharing some homoerotic art with likeminded friends on MSN. They really liked my art and encouraged me to keep drawing more, offering endless suggestions on what/who to draw next. It was definitely a good form of escapism from real life for me.

My parents eventually found out what I was drawing and had a whole mortifying sit-down with me about how “this is all very wrong etc” but that didn't deter me, I just simply hid my drawings better. So yes, fast forward to present day for some reason I suppose I'm just still really horny and I need an external outlet and drawing is one of them hahaha.

Eddie: Where did the name Meat2Go come from?

Meat2Go: When I had to come up with something off the top of my head, the first thought was the concept of fast food and the similarities it bears to the instant gratification of carnal desire. I’m fast, cheap and easy. Meat2Go captures that ‘fun’.

The Fans

Eddie: I've noticed you've only had your Twitter for a couple years now, starting at the end of 2020 during the pandemic. How has the fan reaction been since opening it? 

Meat2Go: Yes, I started my twitter account during COVID. I wanted to kind of distract myself as I was having a bit of a crisis with my career choice and had moved countries due to the pandemic. To be completely honest, I had no expectations for where my art would go, I was simply drawing whatever and whenever I wanted and thought to simply share on a platform that allows NSFW art. So when I saw this insane amount of traction I got on my art I was simply stunned.

It's absolutely amazing that I've gotten where I am at this right moment; I distinctly recall thinking back when I first created my account that if I even managed to gain 100 followers I would be completely elated. So to have so many people enjoy my work is just, wow.

Eddie: When did you start finding out you had fans following your artwork? Any messages from fans that have stood out to you?

Meat2Go: Being a big fan of Phausto's work, I remember the day he followed me back and messaged me about liking my art; that was so unexpected and just a huge compliment. When he kindly retweeted some of my art, suddenly proper droves of people poured in and started following me and complimenting my work, which is so kind and it truly means so much to me. Every message is very appreciated, and those that have stood out the most to me are from other mutual artists being so kind as to shower me with praise and commissioners commenting how my art has made their day when they've had a rough time at work; those I will cherish forever.

The Art

Eddie: Most of your art is depictions of hyper-masculine, muscular burly versions of superheros and men we find in comics. What made you keep to this niche? Any other characters you want to dabble into?

Meat2Go: There's just something so sexy and beautiful about adonis-sculpted muscles and powerful, strong masculine men for me that I don't want to stop drawing it anytime soon! And comic book superheroes and characters fit that very niche for me. However, I am always open to new suggestions and I have a monthly Patreon poll for patrons to vote in new characters from different genres.

Eddie: Who have been some of your favorite characters to draw?

Meat2Go: Oh, I have a huge bias. Definitely Jason Todd (The Red Hood) hahahaha. I'm proper obsessed. For me, there's never enough NSFW homoerotic Jason art. I also love drawing Nightwing whenever I can, as he is the pinnacle of masculine perfection and he's simply so fun to draw. Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Superboy are also other favourites.

Personal Favorites

Eddie: Moving onto the topic of real life muscular men, who are some of your favorite bodybuilders, athletes, and/ or pornstars? Have any inspired any characters in your designs?

Meat2Go: I like to look for references everywhere and gather as much as I can from various sources. For me, not only are muscles and body important, but the face has to be beautiful as well and I make sure whenever I draw the characters I do them justice. To drop a few current favs: Alejo Ospina, Wolver_peen, Daniel Montoya, Tim Kruger, Alex Mecum, Rafael Alencar, Valentin Amour… Obviously not a porn star, but Henry Cavill's been living rent free in my mind for a while now…

Eddie: What is your favorite fantasy that you have drawn to date? Favorite pics?

Meat2Go: It's really difficult to choose a favourite haha. I've got to say I'm pretty proud of my first SupermanxBatman mini comic, where reporter Kent is on the phone with the Chief and Batman's just under his desk sucking him off. Kent struggles to stay on line and tries to keep cool. Absolutely love that kind of exhibitionism. I first released it on Patreon, and my patrons really seemed to love it and want more. Other favourites would be the Officer Grayson pictures I've done, I've got a huge cop kink and I'm not ashamed of it. Another would be the picture I did for a friend with Batman and Superman eiffel towering the Red Hood.

Eddie: We are all about supporting each other here in similar interests. Any other artists you love to follow?

Meat2Go: Huge shoutout and thank you to my friend Phausto, in no way would I be where I'm at if not for his kindness, support and mutual thirsting. Other amazing artists include Didzdoodz, DaydreamerJim, Silverjow, Mskah, Schizoid, Mr. X-toon, Nyuudles, Patrick Fillion, Xelgot… And many, many more.

Latest Work

Eddie: How often do you produce new content? 

Meat2Go: I try to post weekly on Patreon, about at least 4-5 illustrations per month, plus I'm trying out short comics from time to time. I also take commissions when I can and share the finished illustration on twitter.

Eddie: Is there a project you’ve been working on you cannot wait to complete? (Full comic, new characters, etc.?) What is new for the rest of 2022?

Meat2Go: I'm working on a Jason Todd gumroad pack, as well as doing more short comics. I've got a SupermanxBatmanxJason one in the works, as well as an Officer Grayson comic planned in mind.

That aside… Gosh, I am both simultaneously dreading and looking forward to this year's kinktober haha. I'm going to try to do as many days as I can this year, but I don't want to burn out, so no promises on being able to do every single day for 31 days straight again like last year.

Eddie: Where can people find all the artwork?

Meat2Go: Everything is on my twitter at, my patreon is for anyone interested in supporting my work and seeing extra sketches and inks, and new content early.