Get Bigger Cum Loads

Some people love it and some people don’t. But you can easily deduce from my @MuscleCumLover username I am a major fan of muscle and cum. To my mind, a cumshot is the purest symbol of male ecstasy. And growing up raised by porn, I always admired stars who were able to cum buckets. The guys who would get bigger cum loads and give that glorious money shot. Sometimes a lucky bottom took that load proudly on his face and lips because of a job well done. Personally, I love to get bigger cum loads in the face for doing my job as a good bottom. And if I am not having sex with someone, I am glad to know I produce a good load on average and precum quite a bit while being stimulated.

Still, I wouldn't mind raising my A-game and see what I need to do to cum buckets. 

It's a topic I've mildly researched many times over the years. But today I have made a commitment to conduct personal research on how to get bigger cum loads! Google helped me discover a number of vitamins people swear by. So I am putting them to the test for you readers. I will take “cummy vitamins” for 30 days straight and let you all know if I see a difference in my load as a result. 

The Universal Truths

Before I get to my list of the products, I've also discovered there seem to be a couple of universal truths for guys who want to get bigger cum loads: 

  1. Hold off on cumming. Because more or less everywhere I’ve read, people advise to not cum as much as possible. This allows your body to build up its juice and content as a result. Fair enough – but man will it be hard. My job here is to view porn. And I need to view porn to comment, research, and keep you all up to date with the latest on gay porn and bodybuilders. Doing all that and not cumming? Could you do it?
  2. Water – Water seems to be the universally-supplied suggestion, which does make sense. But how much water is the true mystery.  

The Vitamins

Now for the list of 5 supplements I have repeatedly seen suggested when looking up what to take to get bigger cum loads!!! (And my take on why they are being recommended.)

  • L-Arginine: In my minor research, it seems like L-Arginine largely helps in blood flow. An obvious factor, my thoughts would be this helps in regulating blood flow to your giant cock! 
  • L-Lysine: Just flat out described as an ingredient known to cause firmer erections. 
  • Zinc: Apparently, studies have shown that there is a relationship between zinc and testosterone levels. 
  • Pygeum: Two words – prostate health…..I’d say pretty important in the production of cum 
  • Lecithin: Another ingredient in cardiovascular health which the bottle states also supports liver health. Two birds with one stone! 

As of today, I have purchased my set of vitamins on Amazon so let's see if they make a difference. I plan to take the daily recommended dosage which I would advise people to stick to. If you are going to do this with me, I know you’d want to increase daily dosage for quicker results. But that may not be the result at all, and overdosage of vitamins can be dangerous. If there are any suggestions you have for me let me know. Kegel exercises? Cum only after edging? Let me know what you think I should do to get bigger cum loads. 

**Please note, this article is not supported by medical and scientific research but written as an opinion piece for entertainment purposes and discussion.**