AMiNoMeDariaMiedo is a mouthful – in more ways than one. Today’s social media highlight is someone I have been a fan of for a couple of years now. And honestly, it's been great to see him grow bigger and bigger and appreciate his form. Immediately mesmerized by his physique, which he hides under tight clothing, I have remained a fan due to his genuinely kind character, handsome face, and… well, obviously his amazing pecs. Known for his pec bouncing videos, which he now shares on Twitter, AMINO (my nickname for AMiNoMeDariaMiedo) has a perfectly beefy build which he flaunts at the gym and what I would assume is on his way to work.

His pec bouncing videos — the reason I first became a fan of AMiNoMeDariaMiedo — have been mostly taken in public with his tight shirt almost completely open for all to fall in love with. I’m sure no one would ever complain if they were to see him flex in person. Fuck, heaven knows what I would do to this man if I ever saw him at the gym or in person. 

What do we know about him? Well, his Instagram bio states he’s from Spain. For those non-Spanish speaking readers, his AMiNoMeDariaMiedo username roughly translates to “It wouldn't Make Me Scared” or “I Would Not Be Afraid”. We also know he is working as a computer engineer. We love a cute nerd and this man takes the cake! We have yet to see him in a posing strap but I would love to see him as naked as Instagram will allow. He has recently opened a Twitter account due to fans reposting his videos and who knows….that may just be the necessary slippery slope to an OnlyFans account. I’m sure many boys will jump at the prospect of filming with him. Here’s hoping 😉