Gigantic Billy Herrington

Gigantic Billy Herrington. There is no need for an introduction of the legend himself. Take a trip down memory lane with me. I'm sure you are already happily reminiscing about all the fun this man brought to life. 

Gigantic Billy Herrington: The Beautifully Sculpted Adonis

I personally cannot remember the first time I ever laid my eyes on Billy Herrington. But if I had to choose the moment, it was definitely porn. Either while watching a downloaded grimy scene from Conquered, Playing with Fire 2, Body Shop, or Summer Trophies. And once I discovered the beautifully sculpted Adonis I quickly looked up as much of his content as I could. I figured the man was gay-for-pay but researching Billy’s personal life for this article, I learned he was bisexual. And doing gay porn made him connect to his bisexual side. If only all men were so open-minded to do gay porn to test out their sexuality. 

In an interview with Vincent Lambert, Billy described his image as “Hunky top guy, kinda cocky and aggressive”. I couldn’t agree more. I mean, that is honestly my type of guy to this day. 

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Studio Porn Featuring Gigantic Billy Herrington

During his lifetime, he worked with many of the biggest porn studios at the time. Starting with All Worlds, Chi Chi LaRue, Can-Am Productions, and Fox Studios. Most recognizably, at Colt Studios where he was later honored as the Colt Man of the Year.

This week, while chasing a story highlighting an iconic gay porn store / museum in the Castro district of San Fransisco (full story to come) I came across a physical copy of COLT MEN Introducing Billy Herrington in nearly mint condition. I had no choice but to buy the marked up magazine. Because I felt like I came across a rare find that will forever go down in porn history.

Gigantic Billy Herrington

Billy would go on to earn the Adult Erotic Gay Video Award for the Best Group Sex in 2002 for “Conquered”. And then GayVN Award nominations in the categories of Best Actor and Best Group Sex Scene.

Famous titles Billy appeared in include: Summer Trophies, Lords Of The Locker Room, Billy Herrington's Body Shop, and Conquered. Also, The Final Link, Playing With Fire 2, and Tales From The Foxhole. Minute Man 18, Minute Man 27 – Big Shots, and Minute Man 17, all for Colt. And JimmyZ's BBJAMs where he hosted a couple of shows.

Billy's International Fame

One aspect that amazed me about gigantic Billy Herrington is how he maintained an international presence up until the days of his death. Outside of his pornographic content, he received fame by being an early Japanese meme nicknamed Aniki or “Big Brother”. In the Japanese online communities 2channel and Nico Nico Douga, short edited clips of Billy Herrington can be seen as bait-and-switch trolling clips. This activity did give him some recognizable fame and people positively admired Billy for what I am sure is much more than just internet fun. Eventually, his fame would lead to action figures being created in his likeness. And for the low, low price of $547.00, you can take home a Figma Billy Herrington Action Figure from eBay

The Billy Herrington Statue

Earlier this year, it was also revealed that President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine was reviewing a petition calling for Billy Herrington to replace the statue of the Russian Catherine the Great.

The petition claimed that in addition to renouncing “the infamous Russian heritage,” replacing the current Catherine the Great statue with one of Billy Herrington would also send a “clear signal that Ukraine supports the LGBT community” and a “loud statement that Odesa is not some provincial town of the Russian Empire” but instead has its own rich heritage as well as a sense of humor.


Of course, Ukraine was lead into political turmoil that continues to devastate many to the time of writing this article. But knowing this could have been a reality shows the reach gigantic Billy Herrington reached in life and in death. He was truly a legend taken from us way too soon. RIP