There’s one thing for a man to have a hot body, a man who can achieve physical perfection putting all their time and effort in the gym. Then, there is the special man who can do more than just flex and look beautiful. Ideally, that would include getting naked, horny and fuck on camera for all of us to enjoy but I’ll take any special talent they can offer. Especially when they crossover into mainstream media. Whether it is being a pro bodybuilder, athlete or musician I have a soft spot for hot men who can fit the dynamic of being a triple threat. Introducing: Joel Corry. 


If you know the name, then you know his music. And if you’ve seen his music videos then you know he has a body to die for. If we were to give Joel the title of a triple threat, we can easily define him as a bodybuilder, fitness model, DJ & musician. Hoping to add pornstar to that list but I’m not holding my breath for now. 

Without doing much, this man keeps me entertained. Occasionally, you’ll find a DJ that can be deemed cute or handsome but Joel Corry is one that should always perform in nothing but a posing strap. 

Joel Corry first had mainstream success with the popular British show called Geordie Shore. For our US readers, this is the equivalent to the US Jersey Shore, which would make Joel the Pauly D of the group. From his appearance there in 2013, he went to work on his physique, kicking off a bodybuilder career eventually winning the 2016 WBFF Miami Pro as the Miami Pro Overall Fitness Model Champion.

Joel Corry

Who is That??

He first caught my attention with the music video to his hit song “Bed”. It’s his type of music that I listen to while being at the gym so you know I couldn’t concentrate when I came across his music video. I had to take a double take and see who the model in the video was and was very happy to know it was Joel Corry himself. 

Of course I had to find the most revealing photos I could find. I spent most of my time doing “research” for this trying to track nudes or the most revealing shots of him, but the only thing I can find is just a few butt shots from his crazier days on Geordie Shore. 


While he started releasing music in 2015, most of his music didn’t place on the charts until 2019. He has then worked with household names like David Guetta, Charlie XCX, Saweetie, Raye and Becky Hill and is the winner of two Australian APRA Music Awards of 2022.

Sadly, I don’t foresee Joel performing sexually in front of the camera but in another parallel universe, he would have started an OnlyFans account if he hadn’t locked in his Geordie Shore performance. Needless to say, he is my current favorite musician and DJ….maybe after Jake Burton aka DJ Mutil8