Muscle-Themed Bars

For our readers looking to travel, I suggest making your way to Japan soon. Japan is already full of culture and tourist stops so I won't try to convince you to visit. But I have to share my recent discovery of Muscle-Themed Bars & Restaurants!!! The US is known for having Hooters that appeal to our straight and bi brethren, of course. But a large group of us need male eye candy to enjoy with our cocktails. Gay bars have been the answer for decades now, but Japan is rebranding the classic formula of hot men, cocktails, and muscle with Muscle-Themed Bars where bodybuilders flex and serve you in more ways than one. Sure, gay bars have go-go boys in jockstraps. But I wouldn't mind some bodybuilder posing at my table as he serves me an old-fashioned.

Meet Me at Macho Meat Shop

Introducing bars like Macho Café, Macho Meat Shop, and Kyoto's Macho Bar! As these titles imply, these are cafes, shops, and bars that highlight the Macho alpha attitude of men and bodybuilders alike that we enjoy and love. As you walk through the doors, you're greeted by a spectacle of chiseled physiques, toned muscles, and charismatic staff members. And pro bodybuilders ready to serve? Sounds like a porn scene in the making.

Carry Me Away

Recently, I came across a video on TikTok that showed a “must-visit” stop in Japan. In this place, people had to be carried from the host’s stand to their table. At first, I thought this would be such an inconvenience. But then saw you would be carried by a bodybuilder with a sleeveless shirt. I was intrigued. The video later explains that the bar is served by bodybuilders that put on a “performance” as they prepare your cocktail. Their menus have images of pro bodybuilders at competitions, and even ordering a beer comes with some bicep flexing and ab display.

I plan to visit Japan next year and hope to make a stop for my personal footage. No offense to the staff, but I would like to see the restaurant revamped to have huge, roided bodybuilders that can barely be contained in the small space. Maybe they would be open to a franchise in the States? Let me know if you plan on visiting or have been to any of these Muscle-themed bars.