GoGo For The Gold

Introducing GoGo For The Gold!

If you’re like me, you’ve wondered if there could be a reality TV competition for porn. After all, these days there is a competition show for almost anything. And this week, OUTtv launches a competition show for GoGo boys. Introducing GoGo For The Gold! 

While not necessarily porn, this is probably the closest thing we can get on public streaming service. To be completely honest, the show seems like it lacked a huge budget. And possibly was quickly made with what the team had on hand. But what got my attention was that the show features a few familiar faces… Faces we’ve seen in porn.

The Jonny McGovern Factor

The show is being hosted, directed, edited, produced and co-written by Jonny McGovern. Jonny is a comedian and musician who had a long lasting podcast. I listened to Gay Pimpin' with Jonny McGovern religiously back in the day. Way back before podcasts were a source of constant entertainment. I wrote about podcasts that cover porn and LGBT topics earlier this week; who knew I would be talking about Jonny McGovern today?

Jonny continues to produce content for his LGBT audience. Now his newest project is “GoGo For The Gold”.

As described by the Youtube Channel hosting its recently-released trailer: 

“#GogoForTheGold a new reality competition show from the makers of Hey Qween! hosted by Jonny McGovern featuring 12 of the top gogo boys in the country judged by a panel of  “Gogo Gods” as they  compete for 10k and the title of “America's #1 Champion Gogo Superstar Star”.

A Time-honored Tradition

I have seen many pornstars on stage show off their bods for a buck. Sometimes I am in shock that no one else recognizes these famous faces. Not to throw any shade, but I remember seeing the incredibly sexy stud Robert Axel dance on a gogo box in the middle of Hunters in Palm Springs without anyone giving him any attention. Honestly, if he joined this competition show, I would’ve voted for him.

Robert Axel in Men.com's Football DL
Robert Axel in Men.com's Football DL

As mentioned, the show features familiar faces from x-rated content. With 3 pornstars as judges and 3 pornstars as contestants let’s see who wins Gold! 


Greg McKeon

Adrian Hart

Teddy Bear 


Max Adonis

Eddie Danger



Beef Bearrito

Rico TV





Randy Boo


The show begins airing this Friday, May 13 with new episodes out every Friday. Catch it on OUTtv.com, the OUTtv Apple TV channel, and — for our friends in the UK — on @froottv.uk 

Genius or Cringeworthy? You tell us…

Is this sexy? Something you want to see? Or too campy to take seriously? Will you be watching? You let us know!