It's… ah… I mean… Fuck. This Gauge muscle worship throwback vid is everything.

Little Jeremy Jordan goes to town servicing big buff Gauge.

Plus this is like some kind of treasure from a vault. We need more of this. More muscle guys and wrestling mats. And that swim suit!


It just leaves me (almost) speechless.

Credit where it's due – this Gauge muscle worship vid comes from BG Wrestling. They describe it like this:

240 lb. Gauge is worshipped by cute blond twink, Jeremy Jordan. Gauge outweighs Jeremy by over 100 lbs, so it is easy for him to press Jeremy overhead like a barbell. And for good measure Gauge also bench presses Jeremy in addition to other exercises.

Gauge's mammoth chest is appropriately worshipped, orally and digitally, by a very appreciative Jeremy who is very much into MUSCLE! He takes it all in, from Gauge's huge bis and tris to his very muscled thighs and calves. Butt worship is high on Jeremy's list as well. You can tell Jeremy is into what he's doing because his cock stays hard along the way. Oral and a fuck scene follow.

To see the 240 lb Gauge worshipped by the little Jeremy is amazing. Of course Jeremy is in his own heaven. A worshipping shower scene closes this hot video production.

BG Wrestling

Gauge Muscle Worship Photos

Yeah, so one of the weird things here is that some of the images have overlays. I own(ed) and we never had this video there. At least, not that I recall.

Fuck I miss Gauge!