Every year Spotify gives users their “Spotify Wrapped”, a viral social media marketing tool. Spotify Wrapped exposes our deepest darkest secrets and guilty pleasures in our musical interests. What I didn’t know though, is that Grindr gives us their own special version. They have the facts we can appreciate as we end of the year via their “Grindr Unwrapped”. “Unwrapped” is a list of facts and statistics compiled from information the app gathers. Via anonymous activity data taken from their users, of course.

“We are so excited to bring GRINDR UNWRAPPED back for another year. UNWRAPPED is our way of celebrating our global user community and shedding some light on how, where, and what we loved in 2023. As a community we've always had our finger on the pulse of pop culture, and it's always so much fun to see Grindr users' hot takes on the year via Unwrapped.” 

Tristan Pineiro, VP of Brand Marketing and Communications

I LOVE the idea, the look and aesthetic of the posts. And, while some facts I was not surprised with, there were many I was glad to learn about. Check out my thoughts on the aggregated data compiled by Grindr below and let us know which surprised you!

Not Expected:

Personally, I am not a foot person when it comes to fetishes so would have never thought to think of which country has the most foot lovers. Although seeing how Italy is shaped like a boot, I wonder if that had anything to do with it. Grindr Unwrapped didn't comment.

Intriguingly Surprised:

I understand whether or not to send nudes is more of a personal choice. Some people feel free to send them as a “hello” while others wait for the request, but I was surprised to see the countries that filled this list. I wonder if it’s because some of these countries are considered more conservative than others?

Not Surprised:

Kylie’s “Padam Padam” was truly the gay anthem this summer and I am personally still waiting for a music video mashup with current gay pornstars. Maybe sponsored by Grindr Unwrapped?

Happy to Know:

As someone who prefers to date my share of older men, I am happily surprised to know I am in the land of Daddies for now.

Celebrity Crush:

Henry Cavill is and forever will be my celebrity crush so I was giddy to know I share the same sentiment about Henry as so many others. I wonder if Cavill came in #1 because of all the sexy AI images and erotic art that is out there.

Time for Travel Pt. 1:

Having only been to Greece, it looks like I need to get my passport out and find some new Tops to love.

Time for Travel Pt. 2:

Not sure why but the Netherlands was not my first guess on the Highest % of Leather Lovers. Good to know where I should take my harness next year!

Have you checked out the rest of the list yet? Let us know what surprised and intrigued you!