better keep the copywriter who came up with this description for these three scenes featuring Eric Evans and Bryce Pierce. Really. Feast your mind on this:

You'd be hard pressed to find two hunks as pumped and hairy than Eric Evans and Bryce Pierce. Nor could you find a video as hot! The duo begin with a bit of muscle and body hair worship, utilizing a few handy leather restraints to assist the process. The bit of nipple-play that follows is a massive turn-on as well. When they finally get round to some fur-on-fur fucking, it's all you could have hoped for. If rough and dirty is your game, than these two are your main players.

Is that awesome or what? The casual nature of the introduction of “a few handy leather restraints” and a “bit of nipple-play” bring to mind feature copy from Martha Stewart Living. Oh, and I could TOTALLY see these two as a live sex centerpiece on the holiday table! It's a good thing…

gay muscle porn