A guy as built and good looking as Jasper Van Dean is sure to make you pause and undress him with your eyes. That is exactly what I did was passed along clothed photos of him from a buddy of mine.

In an email to me, my friend said that Jasper was a fan of MarkWolff.com and interested in talking with me about setting up a photo shoot. Not wanting to let the opportunity escape, I picked up the phone and called my friend to tell him that I was very interested. He passed me along to Jasper and we scheduled a shoot.

Upon first meeting him, I noticed that Jasper was in better shape than he appeared in his photos. It was obvious that he spent more time at the gym and I knew my members would be excited by my latest find! Impressed they were, and along with many other models, Jasper is a members favorite.

Our shoot went great and I was able to capture the perfection that is Jasper in both photos and on video. I’ve included a small handful of the photos here. Please head over to my site at MarkWolff.com to look at the rest of the Jasper Van Dean photos and watch the video.


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Jasper Van Dean photos and video