Out of Retirement

You have to admit, it's exciting to hear about a former porn star getting back to their gay porn roots. I respect everyone’s decisions in their life journey. But I wish fan favorites would fully commit and give the fans what we love them for. Hours and hours of our favorite pornstars fucking in front of the camera. Living their best life. Being the best pornstar they can be. Imagine a world where Gauge, Tom Katt, Caesar, and Zeb Atlas were still filming?! We've seen various pornstars come out of retirement and this week I am happy to talk about Mr. Mason Wyler. 

The Next Door Years

I was never a huge fan of Mason. Not to say he wasn't talented or hot. I was personally more of a fan of some of the other Next Door men. Guys who held exclusive channels under the Next Door Studios umbrella back in the late 2000s, early 2010s. Before Men.com, there was Next Door Buddies. They brought us many great men like Marcus Mojo, Rod Daily, Sammy O’ Toole, and Cody Cummings. Each had his own channel and I watched more of their content over Mason. 

It's interesting to note that only 6 videos of Mason Wyler remain on the Next Door Buddies website. Not sure what that is about. Sadly, we see a lot of porn being taken down from those years as companies merge, get taken over, etc.  Currently, only “Hot Gym Orgy”, “Mason Wyler Bukkake”, “Brodie & Mason Wyler”, “Jonny T & Mason Wyler”, “Billy The Kid, Marcus & Mason Wyler” & “Marcus & Mason Wyler” remain on the site. I have more videos of Mason in my private collection than the site that once gave him his own channel.

Besides Next Door Buddies, Mason also worked with other studios. Titan Media, Chaos Men, Hot House Entertainment, and Dark Alley Media. Falcon Studios, Jet Set Men, Raging Stallion and Dirty Bird Productions. 

Bodybuilder Mason Wyler

Now a little older, maybe wiser, but definitely more built, Mason returns to the porn world for Men.com in an upcoming scene titled “My Dad Fucked My Fiancé” also set to feature Ryan Bailey and Troye Dean. With time having passed, Mason is no longer playing the college jock but the dad in question. Hey, this may be the Mason Wyler I was waiting for.

As explained in a press release: “In the scene, Dean's parents are very happy to meet his boyfriend, Bailey … but Bailey is a little too happy to meet Dean's dad, played by Wyler. When Bailey greets Wyler, he skips the handshake and starts squeezing his cock and flashing his ass instead. Wyler sneakily rims the twink behind the counter as Dean and his wife are distracted, and Ryan tries his best to keep quiet. While they take each other on, to Bailey's surprise, as he's getting pounded, Dean pops the question, “Will you marry me?” Unfortunately, their engagement doesn't even last as long as Wyler does when he fucks Bailey.”

Back in 2010, Mason Wyler made headlines as he shared with the world he was HIV positive. Since then, the industry and the LGBT+ community has fought against the stigma that comes with the status. 

Welcome back Mason!