Massimo Arad and Dani Robles
Massimo Arad and Dani Robles

Massimo Arad and Dani Robles have a new offering, which is always exciting. There's plenty of text from the PR Fairies and a big ol' gallery here too for's newest release, “Rideshare”, but as far as I'm concerned let's just see those first few seconds of the clip where Massimo Arad is in the shower over and over and over and over… Well, you get the idea. Now, let's have a look at that clip:

SEE?? What'd I tell you – it's all about his big hot muscled wetness, right? The PR Fairies want you to pay more attention to what he and co-worker Dani Robles get up to:

Dani Robles is giving his co-worker Massimo Arad a ride to the office. But when he arrives, Massimo is still not ready. While waiting in the kitchen, Dani can see the sexy Massimo get dressed through the glass wall, and the horny stud pulls out and strokes his cock. When he’s all done, Massimo asks Dani if he enjoyed the view; of course, he did! And, in a surprise twist, Dani, the usually hungry bottom fucks Massimo’s muscular bubble butt until he erupts with a huge load all over his face and suit.

It looks like the idea of ridesharing has become much more appealing.

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