Muscle Santa

Today’s post may seem a little early. I came from the generation that once Halloween ended, it was time for more pumpkins via pumpkin pies, football and school art in which we drew turkeys out of our hands year after year. Now, thanks to Mariah Carey, we go directly into Christmas. And while I feel like a traitor to Thanksgiving for skipping the yummy holiday, today we are here to get excited for Christmas and the man in red: Daddy Santa. Check out the latest submission by Mr. Charlie Muscleflex of a muscular Daddy Santa and a special Christmas gift he gives a lucky young man named Johnny.

Santa & The Christmas Muscles & The Big Flex Cumming!!!

As adults, Christmas is different than when we were kids. What did kids want for Christmas? Of course, you know! Toys!! Yeah, that basketball you wanted, that video game, but what we boys wanted was toys. Well. It hasn’t changed that much for the grown-up boys. No. Oh yeah, we want the new iPhone or iPad, or the great computer, or a spiffy new Car. But there’s another kind of toy that gay boys and men love even more. The huge thick Toy!! That beautiful hot hard meat between the legs of a hot bodybuilder with huge ripped biceps and pecs, and his hot 6 pack. And for Christmas, there are now 2 Santas. One is for the little kids and the other Muscle Santa is for the big muscled boys and men, like you and me.

I love and I know YOU love the Muscle Santa.

The adult Santa has changed for us, the bodybuilders who love rock hard pecs, gorgeous huge bicep peaks, and thick hard triceps. Now Santa has become a huge bodybuilder who loves young hard ripped muscle, older massive muscle on muscle men who love to show off after extreme boner making pumps in the gym weight room. Santa, now with his famous beard and red suit, now shows off his massive biceps and hot lick-able thick hard as steel pecs. And Santa wearing those tight red pants, you can see Santa’s huge Toy. Even though not completely erect, Santa's toy is HUGE. Santa loves muscle and Cum. And for Christmas, his gift is to give boy after boy the chance to have hot muscles and be able to share it with other muscle boys and men. Welcome to Santa’s Muscle & Cum world!!!

As you well know, being older is a sin in the gay community. Most guys won’t give you the time of day. It’s well known that it’s not accepted even if your muscles are far bigger, far more ripped, and more attractive than the younger boys, because you're not 25-30. Well, this is Muscle Santa!! Not an average older guy who can’t lift as much weight as you do. Oh yeah, I know, some young guys like older guys. But that’s far and in between.

Santa now has the hottest muscles!! Whether you're young, old, or in between. AND if you're a guy into muscle and can’t get those huge ripped muscle boys, on Christmas Eve, your dreams of being with a hot muscle God can now Cum true. And Santa’s gorgeous hot ripped blonde boy Elves are there to help muscle lovers around the world get that great huge hard toy and that splashing of hot protein-packed, muscle-building Cum. 

Let me take you to a boy named Johnny.

It’s Christmas Eve and John is alone in his small apartment. He is a muscle lover. His Christmas dream is to have a hot huge muscle boy flexing and showing off with a huge massive boner and Johnny wants someday his chance to lick those 23” biceps, or those perfect thick hard as steel pecs. As this muscle boy flexes his massive muscles, he also shows off his bigger than 10” cock that Johnny wants to suck so badly. Or even to be fucked with that massive boner and then have Cum splashing all over him.

This Christmas is gonna be different for Johnny. Muscle Santa loves muscle and hot geysers of squirting Cum.

Johnny heads to the bedroom to get into bed to wake up early to go to his friend’s house on Christmas Day. Johnny gets into bed and a minute or two later he hears someone walking around and hearing soft noises in his living room. He is scared and doesn’t know if he should dare go in there to confront a thief or who knows who.

Johnny remembers he has a baseball bat in his closet and he grabs it and he slowly cums out of his room, heading to the living room. As he heads out he sees a man with a huge beard and also under his red suit, huge hard muscles. And with him are 5 young ripped blonde muscle Elves to wish Johnny a Merry Christmas in their own hot muscle-and-Cock-squirting way. Santa told him not to be scared. He is the true Santa and his Elves are the hottest muscle in the world. He told him that this will be his best Christmas ever. Johnny shook his head and rubbed his eyes thinking his is dreaming. But no. He is fully awake. Muscle Santa opened up his red button-up and exposed his ripped gorgeous pecs and the Elves did the same and they did a huge double bicep flex and Johnny realized he was awake and hoped it's not a dream and it is all really happening.

Muscle Santa

Johnny didn’t feel good about how he looked. He is only 30 and never really did the gym thing. He isn’t fat, just like most guys, ordinary. He did have thoughts about having muscle with any muscle boy who would have him. He told Muscle Santa that one of the things he wants is to have ripped hard big biceps, hard perfect to lick pecs, and a hot 6 pack of gorgeous abs. Then for about 3 seconds, Johnny felt a little dizzy, but quickly went away. Then Santa told Johnny to look down at his body. The short-sleeve shirt he is wearing, the arms are now ripping the sleeves, the pecs are almost ripping the shirt completely. His legs are ripping his pants and his cock is pushing up to over the waist of his pants. First, he ripped his shirt off and the Elves moaned and told Johnny “Oh fuck, your muscles are making my cock pre-cum so huge”. Then Santa pulls off his red coat showing off his massive muscles, then pulls off his red pants and his cock is huge. The Elves strip naked and their muscles are so ripped, not huge but smooth incredible pecs, veiny biceps with incredible peaks. And they all have huge thick massive cocks.

Johnny is in horned heaven seeing so much muscle, and even more, seeing Santa with his perfect muscles and these gorgeous Elves jacking to Johnny doing double bicep flexing with his huge boner.

All 5 of the Elves are now licking Johnny’s pecs, flexed biceps, and his hard beautiful nips. And they flex as they lick to make Johnny's cock bigger and harder and the Elves are ready to lick up all the Cum ready to squirt all over Johnny's hot muscles and all over every Elf.

Muscle Santa, looking at Johnny and his hot muscled Elves is ready to squirt hot Cum.

He puts Johnny on his knees and the Elves and Santa are jacking as Johnny is flexing his amazing biceps and pecs. Then all at the same time, Muscle Santa and all 5 elves start squirting like geysers, like a broken fire hydrant. Cum exploded all over Johnny and then Santa started licking Johnny’s pumped huge muscles and then the Elves did the same. Johnny couldn’t hold off any longer and started squirting Cum and Santa took most of it on his huge muscles as he kept flexing, which made the Elves jack again then licking Johnny's Cum from Santa’s hot muscle body.

Then the Elves disappeared in seconds. And then Santa told Johnny that from then on forever, he will have those muscles to show off and Cum huge like he had just done. Santa told Johnny that he looks so hot and gorgeous and to have great fun in the steam and sauna of a gym or bathhouse or gay theatre, getting boys and men off. Johnny then told Santa how thankful he is for what he received and will always believe and love Santa forever. Santa then hugged Johnny and kissed him passionately.

Then in seconds, Santa is gone and Johnny is alone again. But this time it’s different. Because of Muscle Santa, Johnny will keep pumping hard in the gym, eat right and help young bodybuilders the right way to build hot muscles for amazing Muscle Worship. Christmas eve is Tomorrow and Johnny is going to the nearest Bath House to see how boys react to his incredible muscles.

And Santa is now going to other boy’s and men’s houses to give them hot muscles and muscle worship to get more guys to be huge muscle worship lovers just like Muscle Santa.

CUMMING soon part 2 of “Muscle Santa & the Christmas Muscles & Big Flex Cummin”