For many of us that enjoy muscle, I am sure we have been tempted to buy a ticket and sit front row at a Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition. Of course, I would like for there to be much action off the stage with personal “meet and greets” and additional services behind closed doors, but that is left to the imagination. This week, we look into the imagination of Mr. Muscleflex, our resident erotic artist writer that has given us looks into the future of a sexually driven gym and a hypersexualized retelling of Superman. Now, we look into what Mr. Universe can be and how we are in much need of a muscle worship competition!!! Great light reading for the weekend. Enjoy!





Today is a historic day in bodybuilding! For the first time, we now can not only have the Mr. Universe gay competition but the all-new “MR. UNIVERSE MUSCLE WORSHIP COMPETITION”

For many years since this bodybuilding competition started in 1965, if you were gay, or committed a gay act with any other bodybuilder during or after the competition, on the competition grounds, you would be suspended for 1 year or you were banned from competing ever again, Yeah, your dream of being the biggest most ripped hottest muscle boy in the country,  winning a major bodybuilding contest would be taken away from you. The Judges would make sure you never compete again.

Well, we now at Mr. Universe are extremely proud to say, those hateful, dark days are gone.  Not only will there be muscle worship on stage, but can also happen in the audience. Muscle worship with other bodybuilders, men into muscle can jack off, and get off on that hot ripped young man of your fantasies. Flexing with a huge boner next to you, or seeing that young stud on stage with hot fucking 22” biceps and massive pecs and a huge erect cock. We want you to squirt hot Cum like a geyser seeing so much hot muscle, seeing huge cocks squirting on hot muscle, watching young ripped men licking muscle growing Cum from huge bodybuilders with massive bicep peaks.  

Like never before we could have an auditorium holding about 300 boys and men, flexing, jacking huge cocks, guys licking other guys, men fucking gorgeous asses, and then muscle-building Cum squirting every 5 seconds from every guy watching, jacking, licking muscle, having hot Cum squirting on your jacked huge muscles. 

All this and more with the New Mr. Universe muscle worship competition!! For the first time, major bodybuilders – straight or gay are joining in the new exciting muscle competition. 




Even now, major auditions for the Mr. Universe Muscle Worship are going on!!  If you're either a major famous bodybuilder, or just a young man that’s incredibly ripped with gorgeous bicep peaks, smooth hot hard pecs, and a six or eight pack abs, or a monster massive muscle boy with 24” biceps, massive massive hot pecs, tree trunk legs, and a hot erect boner to go with those Cum-dripping muscles, WE WANT TO MEET YOU!!!  NOW!!!


This year the bodybuilding director of the event is Mr. Hardboner. 

He is a one-time Mr. Universe and Mr. America winner.  At  48 years old he still has gorgeous massive biceps and pecs and an 8 pack with huge legs, and a perfect tight ass. And of course, he loves hard muscle and squirting Cum. His plan is to make this the most erotic, Cum exploding, muscle event ever done in the history of professional bodybuilding. And every major bodybuilder, or young growing muscle builder, and major massive Cum squirter knows he can do it. Mr. Hardboner is extremely proud of this amazing muscle contest. Not only does the muscle contest have some of the best, most muscular boys and men, but it’s able to give the bodybuilders and the audience the greatest hard muscles and the greatest muscle worship on the planet.

One of the first goals of the competition is to get the young bodybuilders driven to achieve huge muscle size with an incredibly ripped body. Each boy will have the best muscle trainer to make sure that happens every week. And the boys they are training, that bodybuilder and his trainer will see amazing bicep size, awesome tricep growth, so thick and hard growing to huge pecs, all ready for showing off. Ready for hot muscle-building Cum squirting, dripping down the boy's or men’s biceps, pecs, legs, and even mouth and face. Why? Because Cum is loaded with high protein. Higher and more effective for ripping up boys' hard bodies constantly growing and getting hard from constant weight training, flexing, showing off, always drinking those tasty protein drinks.  But the hot protein squirting on a young man’s gorgeous pecs is so lickable for his personal trainer, and other muscle & Cum hungry boys. 


After 2 hours of massive muscle training, you know you're going to the best place to solve that problem of a constant huge boner brought on due to your thinking of that guy training at the same time you and the trainer were pumping iron and seeing that hot ripped huge muscle boy doing curls for his massive biceps and then doing a double bicep flex in front of the mirror, with his huge boner under his jock.

After training, you can finally go with your hot muscular trainer to the huge massive steam room & sauna, where your trainer will give you a total massage of all your bulging pumped muscles and your huge boner. It won’t take long for that gorgeous cock to explode with hot muscle-building Cum. 

Inside the steam room, young men are seeing others that were training in the weight room with their trainers, as you were training, and fuck! all those men are so much bigger and more ripped than before they were with their trainers.  Every boy will be encouraged to be bigger and more ripped, by all the others telling you how hot and bigger you are now, and what’s even hotter is seeing every boy that’s looking at you has a huge erect boner as they look at your biceps, your pecs and they jack and stroke that dripping cock.  

Now, all those young athletes you saw pumping muscle in the weight room just a bit ago are with you in that steam room, and dripping sweat, which is making you and them look so much bigger and more ripped! Even some of the boys with sweat and dripping Cum on that boy's pecs and biceps makes you want to squirt a geyser-like explosion from your big throbbing cock, squirting all over a hot blonde ripped big muscle boy, with a huge thick cock.  And you know no way you can stop yourself, fuck man, your brain is telling you that you must lick your Cum from his hot muscles to get that real protein growth cause you work so goddamn hard and get so fuckin hard for. 


This is a major competition, and you must go beyond your muscle building. You must do more huge sets than ever before, you must work your biceps till they are sore and can’t even do one more set, or your arms can barely do another bench press from doing weight you have never done before.  But wait!!!!  

You're done with your training for the day, and you go in the locker room and boys are looking at you with such hot lust. You see yourself in the mirror and you pull off your tank top and fuck, your pecs are huge, your biceps are massive and the veins are popping out bigger and thicker than you have ever seen them. You pull off your jock and you didn’t even realize you have had a massive boner popping out huge over the top of your jock. You see guy after guy jacking, squirting hot cum, from seeing your gorgeous muscles and your big cock. But you know that you desperately want and need that hot cum squirting on your muscles and your face for the potent protein for your hot muscles. So you go to the steam room, to get all that cum to lick and drench your growing muscle body. But you know right then that you must work even harder to be the biggest and the best hot muscle and muscle worship bodybuilder, for you to win this cum squirting competition.

After this huge muscle building, then we go from jocks to hot posing trunks, and these are special posing trunks that show off your cock, and shows off even more if you get a growing boner as you flex or a hot boy is licking your biceps and pecs and you’re kissing and you’re sucking a hot young bodybuilder’s hard dripping cock. And with the trunks on you will have on posing oil that will make you look even bigger and more ripped. Oh, Fuck!! Us muscle boys can’t wait!!!

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