Now that I'm able to provide mobile-device-viewable video, I'm going back into the vault and–even when the quality is less than great, like this one, due to how long ago it was shot–adding some clips of the hottest guys we've covered through the years. Which brings us to Buck Branson; remember him? It was almost 3 years ago when we first found him, and (dammit!) we haven't seen him since. Anyone know where he disappeared to? Man, is he one amazing BigBeefXXX bighotmotherfucker! Or, as the PR Fairies said back then:

Boy oh Boy, have we got a treat for you. Muscle Daddy New Cummer Buck Branson makes his glorious debut on MuscleHunks.com. With a HUGE TOOL, powerful thighs, fursuit chest and a BIG HUGE TOOL… Oh wait, I said that already… Buck Branson is one hairy Muscle Daddy who won't be taking any lip!

Now, on to the clip:

[jwplayer player=”13″ mediaid=”11861″]