It's been a while since we checked in with Gianluigi Volti. Since that time he's gone from hairy to smooth and what is that–ZERO body fat on this guy? Gotta say, he still looks like he'd be a great time to climb on top of. What do the PR fairies say, you ask? Here you go:

There's a new man in town. He's long and lean, hot and cold, and packed with powerful muscle head to toe. He's Gianluigi Volti, a handsome, sunbaked 27-year old Sicilian muscleman with an extra-long tool and an extra-wide attitude. Ripped and always ready for whatever life throws his way, Gianluigi is something of a loner, and he prefers to take his time, cocksure that he's well worth the wait. And at the end of the day, when this 5-card stud fires his weapon, it's quite a load.

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