mr. olympia 2022

The show that needs no introduction, Mr. Olympia 2022 has concluded and a new king of bodybuilding has been crowned! This year, Iranian bodybuilder Hadi Choopan finally won first place. Hadi previously placed in third and fourth while competing three other years. With the Mr. Olympia 2022 win, he walks away with the coveted title plus $400,000 in cash. Not to mention a new slew of fans waiting to jerk off to his pics. 

Handsomely Sculpted Derek Lunsford placed in second,

with Fan Favorite Nick Walker in third. 

Sexy Ass Brandon Curry and Dominant Daddy Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay placed in forth and fifth respectively. 

I wasn't able to check out the show live this year or attend any Vegas events but I may just have to watch Mr. Olympia 2022 online later today for…personal research. 

Mr. Olympia is cool and all, but I would love for a talent portion to be included with a full frontal strip show. Or better yet, a special meet-and-greet area with private dark rooms, or a nude “workout” display at a bathhouse nearby….