The name Rodney St Cloud is synonymous with living legend

[Editor's Note: The following is an exclusive report from Muscle Service Intern — Orizaba.]

Every man who was into the online muscle worship world in the mid 2000s knows his name. I was fortunate enough to discover him during my high school years. Along with MuscleHunks, LiveMuscleShow, and Eddie Camacho, I was hooked. But who was this man? Why was I drawn to this Haitian muscle god? Little did I know I’d developed an unquenchable obsession.

Connecting with Mr Rodney St Cloud

I recently discovered Rodney had his own twitter page @MrRodneyStCloud. So, I decided to send him an email requesting an interview, not really expecting such a legend to grace me with few minutes of his time. 

I was wrong. 

He replied and kindly agreed to a chat and boy was I on top of the world. To be able to talk to someone who made my 2000s muscle experience amazing would be an honor. 

So when it came time to call him I was sweating bullets and nervous as it comes. But once we started talking, his deep voice made me relax as if I was talking to an old friend. 

Rodney St Cloud Bodybuilder

Not many people know Rodney St Cloud had been competing since the age of 15. While in high school he won his first show.

A friend of Rodney’s recognized he had genetics for bodybuilding and advised him to compete. Rodney didn’t have the passion for it.

Rodney recalled, “The problem was, I didn’t want to wear panties on stage.”

But, after winning, he got bitten by the bodybuilding bug. He became obsessed with bettering his body and transforming himself into a living muscle statue. 

It was a blessing in disguise. This led Rodney to go places and meet some amazing people. One of them being one of my personal favorite bodybuilders out there, Kai Greene. 

If you’ve ever seen this video of Rodney and Kai on stage together during a positing routine you know it’s something completely different from just another performance. It’s a dance, it’s hypnotizing and it’s art.

Rodney recalls, “We practiced our routine together. Kai is much more of a dancer than I was because he was amazing. The way he moved is mind-boggling, I learned a lot from him. We’re definitely both creative, we’re both artists but when it comes to the posing Kai’s on another planet.”

Rodney St Cloud Stripper

Then when it came to his exotic career, another friend introduced Rodney St Cloud to stripping. They visited a male review show (which was full of semi-naked men in towels walking around for women to admire and worship). 

“I said, absolutely cause I need money.” And the rest is history.

I asked Rodney what made him decide to help out up and coming young performers?

He replied, “Because of the stripping performances the experiences I’ve had were unbelievable. Literally unbelievable to the point where most people don’t understand that men were not appreciated in a sense that when you can build your body and your physique to a point where it’s almost Godly everyone’s gonna worship it because it’s undeniable. I appreciate the female anatomy and stripping but they don’t chisel their body like men do. You know, you’re born with your foundation and you have to build on that. It’s what makes us a lot more unique and that’s what I wanted to present and guide the guys into building themselves.”

To know and see more of Rodney's guys, visit and Show your support and discover someone who may become the next Rodney St Cloud. 

Something for the Fans

Finally, I asked if Rodney wanted to share anything fans may not know about him. He revealed he has a 19 year old son who he’s trying to guide to maximize the amazing genetics he and Rodney possess. 

I was also surprised to learn he’s friends with Sergi Constance, who many of us are familiar with. Sergi was featured in the Justice League film as Zeus. 

It is amazing how the right circumstances and the right timing can make someone a Legend. Had it not been for friends pushing Rodney St Cloud into stripping and bodybuilding we wouldn’t have the Hot Rod we have today. To not pursue that path would have been a waste of talent and body that’s made many people happy at clubs and from the comfort of their own bedroom.

Thank you, Rodney!

Story by Muscle Service Intern — Orizaba.