Today, I was excited to share a social media profile that combines two of my favorite things found in my bios. Muscles and Daddies! Mix that with what I can assume is an 8X6 penis and you have MuscleDaddy8x6. But timing is quite the funny thing. Just as I was putting together all the necessary links this morning, I came to find out that his Twitter page has been taken down! I am reaching out to the man himself to see if he made this decision or if Twitter censored him somehow. At least his OnlyFans is still up. Check out a brief Q&A with MuscleDaddy8x6! I hope he keeps his content going because his photos alone speak for themselves.

Online Access

Eddie V: Having connected on Twitter I noticed you opened your account quite recently – January of this year. What made you kick off Twitter? Did you have your sexy content on any other social media sites?

MuscleDaddy8x6: I have always been kind of an exhibitionist and I thought Twitter would be a good place to get exposure and peek peoples interest to see more. This along with Onlyfans is my first time posting sexy content on social media sites.

Hitting the Gym

Eddie V: How and when did you get started building muscle?

MuscleDaddy8x6: I started going to the gym on a regular basis at the age of 19 and have never stopped. I am now 55 years old.

Eddie V: Do you have any specific workout or training challenges (hard gainer, least favorite body part, etc) and how do you deal with them?

MuscleDaddy8x6: Biceps are my biggest issue. I have to hit them extra hard to get them to grow. Sometimes you just have to power through. No pain, no gain.

Muscle Daddy & Carl Hardwick Crush

Eddie V: When did you embrace your persona of a Muscle Daddy?

MuscleDaddy8x6: As I have gotten older, I have noticed much younger men attracted to me. Many have used the term “Daddy” so I just decided to embrace it.

Eddie V: What is your sexual turnon? Feel free to elaborate 🙂

MuscleDaddy8x6: A nice smile, confidence, kindness, and a good kisser.

Eddie V: If you can recall, what was your first interaction with porn? How did you discover it? Early favorite actors, clips, movies, etc?

MuscleDaddy8x6: Accidentally stumbling upon my older brother's Hustler Magazines. I used to have the biggest crush on Carl Hardwick.

The OnlyFans Era

Eddie V: What made you want to launch an OnlyFans?

MuscleDaddy8x6: Multiple people have told me that I should give it a try. If I'm going to be an exhibitionist, I might as well make a little money at it.

Eddie V: What are some of your sexual fantasies you hope to live out? Any you already done?

MuscleDaddy8x6: Imagine somebody coming into your life who gets your humor, respects your ideas, and wants your body all at the same time.

Eddie V: Any words / messages you want to leave with your fans?

MuscleDaddy8x6: Life humbles you as you age. You realize how much time you wasted on nonsense. Live your life now, this ain't no dress rehearsal.