Not too long ago I asked on Twitter if people had subscribed to any OnlyFans accounts. Surprisingly, 56.3% of the votes never had, which made me wonder who I could reach out to for honest OnlyFan reviews. Occasionally, because I consider it an integral part of my investigative journalistic career in the porn industry, I will subscribe to a content creator’s page hoping to see much more than can be found on Twitter. I have mentioned before how disappointing it is to cash out a few bucks to only get 30 second clips of a teaser video only to be asked to pay 20 bucks for a muscle worship video. No thank you. Not when is still up and you can get the whole catalog for 29.95 a month via CCBill.

So it was a great turn of events when one of our interns, Muscle Gallery, volunteered his list of OnlyFans subscriptions and comments. His list ranges from Gym Zaddy and Dima to Fitness Papi and Andres Vergel. We've invited him to share his thoughts on several OnlyFans accounts to help you decide for yourself which ones are worth it.

Muscle Gallery Intern Report:

OnlyFans. First thought that comes to mind is nakedness or porn. It’s not a bad thing if done correctly and is reasonably priced for the content it provides. I’ve been following people who caught my eye and I wanted to see more of. Perhaps dig deep into what makes them “tick” and what they do behind closed doors. 

Some social media stars who always grab my attention are fitness athletes, bodybuilders, and those who love to workout. Discovering they have OnlyFans accounts, I get excited since I wanna see more of them; perhaps see what Instagram or Facebook won’t allow. Of course not everything is nudity or sex and some just wanna interact with fans. To name a few I’ve followed (and still do): Gym Zaddy. Dima. Justin Metrando. Mike Chabot. Nath Wyld. Fitness Papi. Andres Vergel. And more. They each have their own unique style for their OnlyFans accounts but they all have amazing content. 

Fitness Papi

Fitness Papi's OnlyFans account is for those looking for a good time. A 6’3” Puerto Rican wall of muscle, he will make you feel petite. A really nice and gentle giant who knows he’s on the road to growing his muscles bigger and harder. You’ll love watching him get sweaty and shiny as the videos get hotter and he always accentuates his best asset (which is his ass).

Andres Vergel

If you’re looking for size then Andres Vergel is your guy. He's a bodybuilder who knows he’s massive and shows you his best sides, not to mention the hot scenes he does with his partner. You’ll never be bored with his OnlyFans accounts videos. Whether he's keeping things interesting by being the muscle bottom slut he loves being or switching things around and dominating his boyfriend.

Airon Muscle

And if you’re in the mood for some muscle worship, Airon Muscle is where you ought to look. Huge pecs, thick quads, one sexy and hairy beast. He sure knows what you like and gives it to you. The ultimate tease when he puts his pumped chest or biceps all over the camera and makes you wanna stick your hand or head through the screen and be right there next to him to serve him the way he deserves to be served. 

There are hundreds more guys out there with OnlyFans accounts, but I’d rather let you find them for yourselves. Quite honestly, I love their pages–every single one. Call me a sucker for the classics but I used to love it when muscle hunks would take us to a gym session of them working out, getting bigger and harder. Some behind the scenes when they do photo shoots or set up their work area before they film a video. Just us getting to know the guy behind the muscle and sex appeal, showing us they’re people like the rest of us. They post videos and we keep talking about it and enjoying them. After all, that’s what the internet is for, right?

If you'd like to help with any reviews for us at, we'd be happy to share your thoughts and comments!